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  1. Hi Guys, Need help . we are a family of 3. I understand that I have to apply 2 applications ( one for myself & my 6yr old child, another for my wife) I completed my 4 years this week, but my wife and child had their first entry 5.5 months after my first entry. They will complete their 4 years stay end of April 2022 . can my wife and child apply citizenship now or do they have to wait? Can some one please advise. Thanks in advance
  2. amit2186

    887 Visa - What's the update?

    Hi guys I applied 887 on 2nd feb 2020 contacted by CO Lyndal asked AFP AND FUNCTIONAL ENGLISH for primary applicant AFP FOR SECONDARY applicant I have received my AFP CHECK , which has incorrect details, couple of cases listed in A suburb in NSW , where I have never visited (I believe some one with same name and DOB loves there, CO incidence) I have to submit these documents by 26th August. I have raised a dispute with AFP . has anyone faced a situation like this? if Yes , how much time does it take, to get the right AFP after this. any advice , how I can rankle this situation please.
  3. Hi PersianHarry How many days did it take to get the Firb approval mate...can you share please

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