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  1. Michael ford

    painting and decorating

    my brother lives and has his own business in Adelaide why is he finding it difficult to get information on sponsoring me with guarantee of permanent job and accommodation .
  2. Michael ford

    Plasterer/labourer Wanted

    high Adrian squire.sorry I haven't replied earlier.thanks for the message you sent.unfortunately my trade is painting and decorating.I would have jumped at the chance to work with you. please let me know if you have work for my trade .thanks
  3. Michael ford

    painting and decorating

    im new too this and think im a bit out of my depth at this moment and that's why im asking for help with people who have or still are going through this
  4. Michael ford

    painting and decorating

  5. Michael ford

    painting and decorating

    I'm not sure what visa I need I want to work and live in Australia my brother is a citizen now and has been for a few years now it was him who told to go on this site and to find out what I need to do so I'm asking what is the easiest and quickest plus what it would cost. so that's why I'm asking for help from people who have gone through this. I appreciate that you have replied to me and hopefully give me advice.many thanks

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