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  1. Richard burns


    Hi has anyone got any info about schools and nursery. how much does nursery cost per day roughly? also do schools do a morning club or after school club etc? If so how much and what times do they run? rich
  2. Richard burns

    Best suburb for familys?

    Ye its a bit of a scam really, fully qualified with years of experience. i have to do a overseas assessment in uk which is 1 day and is 3k, if i pass i cant work unsupervised until a complete 12 months experience in oz to gain their electrotechnical cert which i allready have. need 12 months to get my licence, but 90% jobs ask for licence so dont know how its going to pan out. my wifes in same boat as you with kids etc so have to weigh up nursery cots against salary etc. would you say its been a good move financially aswell as socially?
  3. Richard burns

    Best suburb for familys?

    Thanks snifter you have been really helpful. We are saving at moment and we have the house to sell in uk. i have a bit of cash in the house but dont want to dip into to much as i know il need it down the line for a deposit on a mortgage. What do you do for a living? And how fast did you find work? if i can pay for move and visas etc out of savings how much would you say it would cost there to get set up with renting a house, cars, schools, utilities etc? How quick did you apply for a job etc ? Because you need to get house first and car as a priopity. Rich
  4. Richard burns

    Best suburb for familys?

    Hi we are in early stages of visas etc for moving to adelaide. i am a electrician and my wife works in retail we have 2 young kids, can anyone recommend any areas to research for renting a 3 bedroom house? any family friendly areas that are reasonably priced close to work areas? thankyou Richard
  5. Richard burns

    Price of schooling

    Hi we are considering moving to adelaide but need some info on schooling. we have a 9 year old boy and a 1year old boy. When i looked at state schools it said they are free but you contribute a fee, most sights are skating around how much it actually costs per year to send you kids to school. hopefully someone could enlighten me on costs per year and any other charges that are hidden. thanks alot.
  6. Richard burns


    Thanks for the reply buddy. Fingers crossed it all falls into place when we touch down
  7. Richard burns


    I'm a electrician which works for a housing association in the uk and I'm thinking about emigrating to Adelaide. I know you must do the OTSR in the uk which allows you to apply for unskilled licence which will probably allow you to work as a TA, what's the next step after that step by step and cost of each stage? whats the salary for a TA? how hard is to get a job? any help would be much appreciate. RIch

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