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  1. We have been in Adelaide for 18 months. We arrived with two weeks holiday accomodation and a vague idea that Brighton and suburbs were good for closeness to beach, city etc. We stayed in Somerton Park found on www.stayz.com.au Audreys secret, was a three bed wth two rumpus and large garden, our landlord from there provided a reference for our long term rental and together with a reference from our rental agent in UK and our bank statement showing that we could afford it we got our place. We Used Susan Majeric at Harcourts on Brighton Road, she was so lovely and as she understood our position, she did everything she could to persuade the landlord that they should choose us over the other hoardes wo were queing up to see the property. They were realy good at sorting out any problems with the property and when we left, got out Deposit back within no more than two weeks. We did our research on the schools we wanted our kids to attend and then found a house in that area. We did drive around the Northern suburbs, Hills and coastal areas and did look at properties, but felt that the proximity to the school we wanted was the main thing. If your kids are going private, then you can live where you like. We found that the best way to find somewhere, was not to trawl the papers and websites- most of those properties had gone before we even got to the viewing. We spent hours online and then when we called or turned up found it was a waste of time. If we could do this all again, we would go into a good Letting agents Century, Harcourts, LJ Hooker, Elders etc and have a chat about what you want. They will call you when something comes up. If they can complete the rental, without having to do an open inspection, it is easier for them. Just be nice and polite! Norlunga is lovely, Christies- not so great - its very surfy, so that means, kids hanging out, skiving school and bongs at the beach...just what I have heard from the locals........Hallet Cove, has some really great properties, good value, great parks and fast links to city via road & train- and a lot of expats. Hope this info helps. Good Luck
  2. Dear Tony, We had the same dilemma. We researched for ages and then when we arrived it was a different matter. Slight difference in our situation as we have two boys so schools were important, and we have no jobs so location could be anywhere, but we like long walks and an active lifestyle. Still job searching, Pete is a Building surveyor but said that he is a bit of a square peg trying to fit into a round hole in the employment market out here, so its brilliant that you are all sorted. We initially researched the south western beach suburbs. When we got here we spent three weeks driving around east, north, south and the Adelaide hills. House wise they are all pretty much the same with you getting less for your money in North Adelaide as it is close to the city and more as you spread out- the Hills, Mount Barker (20 mins from city) is really much cheaper and more space. There is a lot of development there, but are still awaiting infrastructure to catch up. However, the hills are cooler- so when it is 38 degrees in the city and coast, it will be 32 degrees- might be better for the doggy. I think the others are right to suggest no further than a 30 minute commute as otherwise that becomes an hour in rush hour- which is a killer when all you want to do is get home, get into your shorts and you are sitting sweating in traffic. We live in Brighton, which is about five mins south of Glenelg. Glenelg is nice but way overpriced and can get crowded. We arrived in wintertime and the Glenelg was still bustling, you have time limited and pay for most parking and lots of traffic. The bonus is that the tram runs directly to the city from there. But there are also buses and overland trains(well not at mo, they are doing some improvements to the line, might be complete by December) that run from close by the rest of the suburbs. If you want to go for long walks on the beach with the dog, Glenelg beach is not a good idea as it is very busy with people and families. However, Brighton, Seacliff and further south, Moana and Aldinga are great- quiet and less tourists- free parking too. Saying that, if you lived in the areas of Hove - Seacliff etc you can stroll to the beach in 5-10 mins and you are only a 20-40 min car ride from Aldinga and Moana if you want a run out with the dog. I dont know about the Torrens area as we did not venture that far. To the West of the city is Henley Beach, West Beach, and Grange upto Semaphore. They are all lovely and quicker to the city than the southern beaches, but you will pay more. Good luck with your move!! Let us know how you get on! Laila, Pete, Dylan, Finlay
  3. pete11

    Zumba/fitness buddy

    Hi Nat , kerry and Kirsty, I live in Brighton-not too far from Glenelg and am looking for netball and don't mind a bit of Zumba! I have played netball twice at Marleston, which is a bit far and am looking for somewhere closer. I Have looked at a few clubs nearer, such as cougars and various church leagues, but I can't really make head nor tail of their websites. If you are still looking for pals I'd love to join up and tag along. Been in Adelaide almost two months now, from the Wirral with my family (Dad and Two Boys- adore them but could do with some female company!!). I look forward to hearing from you or any others with similar interests. Laila
  4. thanks for the heads up. We went to the big Red Cross shop on South road and got some bits. We then found a great shop called Second chances on 1013 South Road, (or thereabouts) and we got a solid wood dining table and bookcase including delivery for $75. A real godsend. The stock is donated and they have furniture of all kinds and a few electrical bits and bobs, cheaper than Unley by miles- and not to dissimilar in styles! Today we picked up a couple of airbeds, sleeping bags and some kitchen starter sets from k mart. So just off to view a fridge on Gumtree and we'll be almost done.
  5. Thanks Blossom, I'm a big freecycler too- didn't know it was in Adelaide. I've applied, just waiting to hear if I have been approved! Seems to be taking a while though- hope its quicker than the wait for a visa! Can't wait. WE spent some time at Unley yesterday trawling the second hand shops - i just can't believe the prices. I know one mans muck is another mans gold etc, but they really do take the micheal! 40 year old dining tables- which i do love and had one back home, purchased for $40 are on sale here for $900- now I know things are a bit dearer but that is ridiculous. Makes me wish that I had shipped more stuff. I thought that my 60's and 70's furniture was worth less than the price of shipping it - how wrong I was. If I ever go home, I'm going to hit all the second hand shops, spend $500 on filling a container and try to flog it all for $5000 here!!
  6. Hi there, we arrived on the 3rd and have secured a lease on a rental and move in on the 28th. Our container doesn't arrive until the 28th September so we would be really grateful for anything you could spare to keep us going until it arrives. We have bought a sofa but need so much more!!! If you can spare some stuff we will defo pass on or pass back when our stuff arrives. Please PM us.x:notworthy: Essentials Toaster Kettle Fridge pots pans ands plates cutlery Camp bed/airbed for four! Blankets/sleeping bags Dining Table and chairs Thanks in advance, we look forward to hearing from you. Laila, Pete, Dylan & Finlay
  7. pete11

    Breaking Lease in Hove

    Thanks Snifter...
  8. pete11

    Breaking Lease in Hove

    Hi there, We are arriving in Adelaide on the 2nd August and were looking for a place withing the Brighton and Hove area. Could you tell me some more details please. Is it furnished? Can you tell me what rooms there are? We are looking for a three bed, but we are expecting grannies to come over, so we will might need to put sofa bed in family room- are there two family rooms? or an extra rumpus room? Can we use the garage? How long is left on the lease? Can you give me the road name, so I can check it is in the schools catchment area. Kind regards Laila & Pete
  9. pete11

    Got our visa at last

    congratulations guys, we waited 2 years but now we're 6 weeks away from arriving! as noworriesmate as said, the reality of the move kicks in and apart from the slight twitch we cant wait!!!
  10. pete11

    Flights Booked!! Little tip for you...

    Hi there, Hubby and two boys aged 8 & 11 are arriving on the 3rd August. We are getting very excited too. We are flying with Singapore airlines too. Now I don't want to Jinx either myself or you, but we saw on a forum that Singapore offer DOUBLE baggage allowance if you are flying and activating your visa for the first time i.e. that you have not flown with and activated Australian visa before. They will need to see your Visa Grant notice. It took a hell of a lot of emails, and we have email confirmation from them that they will allow this so we each have 40KG, but I am still not sure what will happen, as we are breaking our journey for two days, and hope that they will still allow it fro the onward journey. We are looking to move to the Western Burbs too, Brighton or Henley as schools seem good there. Do you know any good agencies or places to look for accomodation? Laila n Pete
  11. pete11

    Container costs

    Hi There, Would anyone like to share a container? We are leaving in July, But are happy to put our stuff in container in June. We are in the Wirral, North West England. We have been quoted £3300 not inc insurance for just under 700 cubic feet. By Anglo We would like to get it down further. It seems that a full container is around £4-5000 is that right- so we could split it. lailanpete
  12. pete11

    Camper Van

    Brilliant recommendation- shame my kids don't like- they want a bit more luxury!
  13. Hi Doug, completely agree with Benoli & others, what a great and admirable offer and thank you Doug! I for one appreciate the humanity of offering a helping hand to others as I'm sure everyone on the forum does. we are happy enough to mosey on into town but would be great to meet up with everyone whos interested, it is a great thread [thanks benoli]. Please do PM us to keep in touch if we dont PM you first! We cany wait to get there and it would be good to take a glass of wine with everyone ​Pete
  14. we are moving over end of beginning of August [me, wife and two boys aged 8&10, I'm 37 but the wife wont let me say her age!!] Happy to meet up and we're the same, nowhere to live, no jobs and probably skip coffee and go straight to wine! still looking at areas but probably south, am sure it will all work out in the end...let us know how you are getting on when you arrive...scope the place out and feedback! good luck and look forward to hearing from you Pete & Laila
  15. great post and we would be grateful of any help on the many questions we have...dont worry we wont ask them all at once:wink: We started our visa application in 2011 and after some minor hiccups we finally land in Adelaide in August 2013 [myself and wife plus our two boys] We really cant wait to get there and thanks for the offer to help anyone who needs it will come back with questions....cant actually think of any now that theres a chance of an answer!

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