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    Hello! I’ve just registered for this forum. Back story is a year ago I turned down a job in Singapore, and ever since I realised there’s a desire for something else. My best friend moved to Adelaide 7 years ago & believes I would do well out here. Im a qualified teacher both in school and further Ed with two post grads, for the last six years I’ve ran and owned a digital marketing agency, I’m a web designer & a capable SEO & digital marketer. My husband is a fine art landscape photographer & skilled in graphic design but also has project management skill in site management I don’t know where to start, which routes to take; do I apply for a visa or apply for jobs. Where do I start?! we have two daughters 7 and 5 and I have two adult sons who are still in uni so would for the most part remain here in UK but may look to follow later thanks so much in advance for any advice

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