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  1. Your wife doesn't need her own immi account, you can just add it to yours. You just need to do a new application once you have completed yours in your immi account. And I believe if your kids are 16 years and younger you can add them under your application. So you will have 2 applications (one for you and your kids and the other one for your wife).
  2. Thats interestng. Where did you arrive? I landed in SYD 1 Feb 2017 and have a stamp in my passport.
  3. Thats awesome. Do you mind sharing your timeline from application, invitation to test, etc.?
  4. Hey there, No she can just add another application on her own immi account. I did it for my husband. So I did my application with my kids, and then did another application for my husband. You will just need to go through the whole process again with all of your own details.
  5. Hi there, just a copy of the immigration arrival stamp in my passport. The stamp has the date on it.
  6. If you worried you can also just attach the scans again as additional documents, with a letter saying you concerned the first uploads weren't correct. But don't stress too much because if they don't think they right they will just ask you again for the uploads - they won't deny you just based on that.
  7. Today I saw that someone got their invitation for the Aus citizenship test for the 26th June 2021. They applied 28 March 2021. I don't know the person well as it was in a 'South African' Facebook group and it was about dual citizenship, so I don't have any other info. But seems like quick turnaround times.
  8. Yeah, would love to know which state. Does anyone recall if Theresa was granting visa's (887) from a specific location, e.g Adelaide or was she granting visa's from anywhere in Aus?
  9. You're welcome! Yes, you would still be able to submit and then you can attach it after.
  10. You need to answer yes if you entered Aus since July 1990 which I am assuming you definitely have. It will then take you through the next steps as you need to enter your previous visa grant number and details.
  11. Hi Everyone, Submitted my applications ( one for myself and kids, second for my husband), 23 May. Attached: Passports (dual nationalities) Drivers Licence Photos (front and rear) endorsed Form 1195 Birth Certificates Marriage Certificate Proof of Arrival Wishing everyone all the best, and hoping for a quick turnaround time.
  12. **EDIT** Found the answers in previous post, so all good now! Hey guys, don't know if I am missing something obvious, but in the citizenship application when you on the immi account and have to add in all those details and I have added my kids, but nowhere does it ask for husband details. Does my husband have to do a separate application? Sorry if this is a silly question....I just thought we could do it at the same time.
  13. Awesome update congrats - so about a 6 month timeline.

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