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  1. Chris & Helen

    Need to Hire/Borrow wheel chair for 2 weeks

    We hired one this year from the chemist in Beach Road, Christies Beach. Was really cheap and brand new
  2. I think we must have been very fortunate as Singapore Airlines let us all have our two suitcases even though we had visited Australia earlier on our visa! Maybe the fact that I went white as a sheet helped! I also hugged the supervisor who let us have the extra allowance at no extra cost! Probably better to get it in writing though first! :-)
  3. Chris & Helen

    Nanny/au pair

    There are plenty of nannies available, our daughter is one and found her family through gumtree, am sure there are agencies too that can help. Hope your move goes well
  4. Chris & Helen

    WANTED: childs car booster seat

    Kmart sell them and are cheap
  5. Chris & Helen

    Furniture shopping

    We too got loads of our things from Harvey Norman and we got a huge discount from them as we bought quite afew items including electricals and furniture. I am a big fan of Ikea but is worth checking with them the cost of delivery before you buy as I know they charge a lot!
  6. Chris & Helen

    tyres required

    We used Beaurepaires recently in Noarlunga and had excellent service, guess there must be same company north of the city
  7. We used Allbiz on O'Sullivan Beach Road, were very pleased with our business cards and flyers
  8. Hi All We are selling our Kia Cerato. Please see following Gumtree link to view all pics & details. http://adelaide.gumtree.com.au/c-Cars-Vehicles-Motorbikes-Parts-cars-Kia-Cerato-Absolutely-immaculate-throughout-W0QQAdIdZ342235833 We are selling for $8,999 but would do anyone on Poms In Adelaide a deal!!!! We bought it a week after emigrating in July 2010 and it has been a brilliant family car but we only have 1 of the 3 kids still at home now so are down-sizing!! Contact me Chris via PM for contact details to arrange a viewing. Thanks
  9. Chris & Helen

    Scouting Trip Advice

    We came for a reccie in August and filled everyday with looking around the area as a tourist and as a family who could end up living here. We rented a place in the centre of Adelaide which gave us a feel for the city. We drove around different areas and happened to find some land, found a builder, chose all our fixtures and fittings and went back to the UK for a rest abd to tell our family that we were definitely moving to Oz! You soon get a feel for areas and our teenage kids told us where they didn't want to live! Come with an open mind but sit down with your family about what they would like etc before you come over. We wanted to live near a beach but with access to main roads for our business, we sorted out our mortgage for our new home from the UK which meant we could start the build before we arrived. Life for us here is amazing, we love it and are slowly settling into Aussie life. I hope that you enjoy your trip and even though its winter it will still be warmer than a UK winter!
  10. Chris & Helen

    Which shipper? Any advice? plus average time?

    We too used Pickfords and can't fault them! We moved our things as soon as possible and had it stored here as it was cheaper that way whilst our house was being built. The time frame that everybody says was the same for us for getting our things from the UK to here. We had afew boxes checked but no problems as Pickfords gave us good advice. Hope the move goes well for you! Always loved Salisbury at Christmas for shopping but prefer the warmer weather here! :-)
  11. Chris & Helen

    17 yr old against move

    Hi Lisa, We moved here with 3 older children (17, 18 & 21) and our son kept telling us that he would come for a year, it isn't easy with teenagers however they do settle in their time. There are some great clubs around and friendships are being made for all of ours. Since moving here, our son has met a lovely girl, is now living with her and they are expecting next year! He tells us now that moving here was the best thing he ever did! It is an emotional time for all of you but often the worry of the unknown is so much worse than once you are here! Helen x
  12. Chris & Helen

    Christmas Trees

    Have seen both! I think its personal choice, we put our tree up much earlier here than we did in the UK. I think its a way of feeling bit more Christmassy whilst the sun is shining!! :-)
  13. I read the article and found it very interesting, have no plans to return though!
  14. Is nice to see some southerners moving here!! We moved from Hampshire in 2010 and love it here! Hope all goes well with your final planning!
  15. Chris & Helen

    Not sure whether to return

    I feel that only you and your wife can make this decision! We had friends that moved back to the UK after being out here and wished they had stayed in Australia. I hope that you come to decision quickly so that you can settle as a family wherever that may be.

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