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  1. I am no longer amazed that people seek advice on a public forum about issues invlolving the welfare of children. May I suggest thsat you consult registered migration agent?
  2. 887 visa spouse functional English

    That is correct.
  3. Questions

    Applicants must be in Australia when the visa is granted.
  4. Refresh my memory please!

    Have you consulted a registered migration agent to see whether a viable visa strategy might be developed?
  5. Partner on 489 Visa unable to find work

    Is ANY work avaiable?
  6. Did you wed whilst your visa application was being processed?
  7. Should I apply under Visa 489?

    Not unless the minister has cancelled my citizenship and my migration agent registration and granted me a 489. This would not amaze me! You have been incorrectly informed about your Medicare eligibility To qualify for PR you do not have to work in your nominated occupation. You do not have to live/work in Adelaide, any 'designated area' will do. It might pay you to consult a registered migration agent for correct advice.
  8. Dear XYZ Thank you for the opportunity to provide further information. I have uploaded ABCD... which are attached to this email.
  9. Should I apply under Visa 489?

    Congratulations on getting past the AIM! From the limited information you posted, it is not possible to offer a considered professional opinion. May I suggest that you consult a registered migration agent?
  10. 887 visa. advise required

    In the circumstances you have described, a request for further PCCs (which are all valid for 12 months) is at the discretion of the delegate.
  11. Validation

    To validate, you have to enter Australia, however briefly.