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  1. wrussell

    Migration agents

    The registered migration agents who regularly post on this forum are all ok.
  2. wrussell

    About Visa 489 activate and condition to 887

    You had a considerable problem. If you have not been able to resolve it, I suggest that you consult a registered migration agent for an assessment.
  3. wrussell

    Medicare enrolment

    Visit a Centrelink office.
  4. wrussell

    Parent visa

    You are eligible for Medicare if you hold any of the following visas: Contributory Parent visas (subclasses 173, 143, 884, 864)
  5. wrussell

    Balance of family

    Would anyone perhaps know if stepchildren count in balance of family? Yes, stepchildren count
  6. wrussell

    Parent visa

    Some parent visas have Medicare eligibility and some do not.
  7. wrussell

    Form 1399 family member definition

    Why are you using this form?
  8. wrussell

    incorrect answer

    Submit the form.
  9. wrussell

    Form 1023

    That would be ok.
  10. wrussell

    Child visa

  11. wrussell

    Child visa

    May I suggest that you consultt a registered agent?
  12. wrussell

    Form 80

    Take your pick.
  13. Your brother might be able to sponsor your parents, if they can budget $100 000+ Unless you qualfy or an 'investment' visa, there is almost certainly no permanent visa strategy open to you.
  14. wrussell

    Compressed files

    You do not need to submit all of them.
  15. wrussell

    887 military certificate

    If you have a discharge certificate you should submit it, depending on what you are applying for.

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