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  1. ChatuWickrama

    887 Visa - What's the update?

    Just not clear, why COs ask English for the primary applicant of 887 also same as the primary applicant of 489. request, IELTS especially is even more surprising as there are other English tests and ways to show English requirement.
  2. ChatuWickrama

    887 Visa - What's the update?

    Can you please add me to the tracker Applied on 14 Sep 2019 Thanks.
  3. Hi guys, I'm holding 489 (Tasmania) visa and have applied 887 in last September. My 489 is valid until September 2021. My husband was the main applicant of these 2 visas. Meanwhile, I was offered a one year course to complete my BSc.Of Nursing from one of the Melbourn CBD universities. (actually not a bridging course, it's a final year direct entry to their normal BSc. of Nursing programme) I was a Registered Nurse in my country and I have to start this course this year itself, otherwise, my overseas qualifications are going to be expired. I have already contacted the State University in Tasmania but they do not give credits to overseas studies. Honestly, I do not want to leave Tasmania because we are well settled here. I wish to live and work here meanwhile flying Melbourne weekly for 2 days classes. Do you think I can do this? Are there anybody having similar experiences? Thanks guys. really appreciate your help.

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