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  1. Hi Gary What’s the rent and do you have any pics or a web side to view pics? Regards Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. Hi guys we got our 187 visa in June last year, since then I've been offered a new job with better prospects and financially healthier for my family, but I have heard from others that I can't take it due to me not completing 2 years with employer or my visa will be cancelled? Is this true? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. 457 to PR still possible?

    If you call the agent I mentioned they could sort this out for you it may be a lot simpler than thought with it only being 16 days. My visa was the opposite it ran out Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. 457 to PR still possible?

    Hi Phil As far as I'm aware it does not affect current 457 only stopping new ones unless deemed necessary. But it will be called something else, as far as your Pr you go straight onto a bridging visa until the decision has been made, so you can still continue with your employer, try one stop migration,they did everything for me Regards Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  5. Seak Kid's Kayak and Paddle x2

    Hi there could you send me a picture of them to my mobile 0401162879 gary
  6. Breaking lease- Hallett Cove

    Hi there can you email some pictures please
  7. Items for sale

    Hi there Do you still have the dining table?
  8. Hi guys just going through my PR process here in Adelaide and was looking to possibly going back offshore like I did in the Uk, Does anyone know of any company's still employing even with the down turn in Australia, Any advice would be fantastic as I find it hard to progress over here Regards Gary
  9. Loans for PR VISA

    We have the funds available to pay it back just don't have the amount up front that's all the company I work for made many promises coming over here but failed to uphold there end so ended up with a less income than expected. we are on the worst visa ever the dreaded 457. We were basically screwed over day one of approval lol
  10. Loans for PR VISA

    Hi to everyone, This may of been asked before, but is it possible to borrow money from a lender to pay for PR visa? I'm still waiting for approval from my employer to say he will nominate me but I need to source all the funds my self and with this financial climate its more or less impossible, I am now worried that we will need to return to the UK, which is not in my future plans. Any Advice would be very grateful Many thanks Mr west
  11. Migration agent

    Hi there I should of stated that in the statement its the Agent fees
  12. Migration agent

    Hi Guys Don't know if anyone can help but my employer has messed us about and now we are looking to get out PR visa ourselves, my question is, is there any agents in Australia or even Adelaide that would take a payment plan once visa is approved? I know I will pass but don't have all the money as its not cheap. My bank says its better to get the loan approved once PR is ACCEPTED so stuck in a hole just now and don't really want to return home to the UK as we feel this is our home. Thanks for reading, any advice is more than welcome Gary
  13. Can Anybody answer this

    Do you know how long it takes for the TRA to do a skills assessment and what is all involved? Thanks gary
  14. Can Anybody answer this

    Thanks Blossom you said I need a skills assessment does that still stand if I have been assessed through RPL as it says there partnered with the RTO, really confusing Thanks Gary
  15. Can Anybody answer this

    I am Thinking of applying for PR while we are here on my 457, MY sponsor says they are not in a position to nominate anybody for PR what ever that means. They actually said they would in January !! My Question is if I get an Australian qualification level 3 as a Diesel mechanic through RPL, Can I use it for PR application IE not having to do a skill assessment through TRA? The RPL Is costing $3300 so don't want to hand more money over just to say I can do the Job to TRA . Any Help on this would be grateful, so far I have spoken to 2 migrant company's and they said there not sure?? I thought they were supposed to have answers lol Many thanks Gary and Siobhan:unsure: