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  1. TomJonesDad

    Mitsubishi Challenger 2015 for sale

    Price reduced to $29,995 Great value for an excellent family car.
  2. 2015 Mitsubishi Challenger 5 speed manual 2.5L diesel, one owner with full Mitsubishi service history and balance of 5 year new car warranty, including roadside assistance, and 4 year fixed price servicing remaining. Only driven 25000km! Outstanding exterior condition, well cared for interior with some minor boot space scratches. Has 3000 kg towing capacity (tow bar required) with manual transmission providing greater control and performance off road. A great family car with plenty of boot space for camping trips. Full sized spare wheel and 4wd strap kit included. It is exceptional value at $30,795. PM for pics and further info. Andrew 0404 561 945 Located in Parkside
  3. TomJonesDad

    New SA Tourism Advert

    Not a lot Andrew, got an email with the link yesterday and a spiel extolling it's virtues then just watched it in disbelief.
  4. TomJonesDad

    Movers here!

    Brings back some memories - we were doing the same this time last year! Will have been here a year next month and it has been so worth it. The stress does eventually go away and you settle down into normal life over here. The best thing we ever did and haven't regretted it for a second.
  5. TomJonesDad

    More Ashes tickets on sale tomorrow

    Had an email from Cricket Australia about a further release of Ashes tickets tomorrow (Wed 16 Oct). Going on sale at 9am ACDT - you may need to be a Cricket Australia member to buy but here's the link http://premier.ticketek.com.au/shows/show.aspx?sh=CRIINTRO13#.Ul0Q4FBkPmd
  6. Boori Classic Ranch cotbed in Heritage Teak Converts from cot to toddler bed suitable from birth to around 5 years Safe track drop side helps minimize back strain 2 base heights to allow easy access to baby T-Rail allowing you to refurbish your cot Dimensions - L 145cm, W 87cm, H 101cm Includes Boori mattress 132 x 77 (normally sold separately) Also includes 2 x Boori bed guards (normally sold separately) A few very small teeth marks and bed guard marks but otherwise it really is in excellent condition. From a smoke free and pet free home. Mattress never soiled so no stains. We will also include 2 x waterproof mattress protectors (white), 5 x fitted cot sheets (white), 3 x flat sheets (white) and a pillow case and toddler size quilt cover (blue and red flower pattern). Pictures show in toddler bed mode - have leaned the rails up against the side just for the photo but they obviously attach properly when in use. All the above included for $350 - buyer to collect Contact by PM if interested
  7. TomJonesDad

    broadband tv phone

    A good idea to find out which supplier is available at your address first - I did use a website but can't remember which one, probably be a link on whirlpool somewhere. That was after I'd gone through the whole process of looking at deals and tried to sign up with a few suppliers then found I can only get Telstra. Signed up for naked cable in the end and very pleased with it - the service has been excellent. To be fair when I tried to sign up on suppliers sites most actually indicated they couldn't deliver, except Adam who happily took my money then told me they couldn't give me a service. I did get a refund...eventually.
  8. TomJonesDad

    wanting rental from 1st Dec

    You could try these even though not quite where you want - we used them when we came over. As everyone else says it's a busy time of year so you need to move quickly. http://www.adelaideaustraliaaccommodation.com.au/
  9. TomJonesDad

    Want Accommodation

    As a starting point you may want to use these sites: http://www.adelaidesuburbs.com.au/ http://myboot.com.au/SA/50/suburblist.aspx http://www.realestate.com.au/rent
  10. TomJonesDad

    Outdoor cinema

    Try this for more details - yes it's still $22 per car and on Saturdays they do a kids disco, face painting and farm animals http://www.wallis.com.au/cinemas/mainline-drive-in
  11. TomJonesDad

    How hard do the Aussies work??

    In my limited experience (been here 6 months) whilst the standard hours worked per week are the same there isn't the same expectation of working late, unpaid overtime as there was in the UK. I don't find the workload to be as overbearing as it was in the UK and I'm generally much less stressed than I was in the UK. Start and finish times are pretty flexible as long as you get the work done and are there during core hours - I have a few colleagues who work 8 - 4 and then others who will work 9:30 - 5:30, but no hard and fast rules where I am. Can't comment on holidays as I'm contracting so if I don't work, I don't get paid! I'd be interested to hear thoughts from others but I do find Aussies will take sick leave at the drop of a hat, at least compared to most workers in the UK!
  12. TomJonesDad

    Things to do when arrive

    Don't forget to get Ambulance cover http://www.saambulance.com.au/ProductsServices/AmbulanceCover.aspx
  13. TomJonesDad


    We had to get our daughter vaccinated for chickenpox and hep B, no cost here though. In terms of Centrelink payments we claim family tax benefit and were told not getting the vaccinations could affect payments (not sure how true this was though).
  14. TomJonesDad

    Ashes Ticket Wanted

    I thought they were on public sale from 17th. I tried to get tickets through ACF when they were on sale earlier this week and boy did they go quick so I'd get online first thing on the day and just grab what you can. Annoyingly I actually had some in my basket and decided to change them for a different category and ended up getting none. Just checked and they are on sale on 8th but you may find you have to be ACF members to buy then as it still says public sale is from 17th. Give it a go tomorrow and good luck.
  15. TomJonesDad

    where to get a 3g dongle and a simcard?

    Crazy Johns are now closed unfortunately. Google for rates and decide which one you want before you arrive so you don't waste time looking around. You can pick up a prepaid dongle at any of the places mentioned.

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