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  1. Hi there, I have a question regarding citizenship application with regards to dates and wonder if anyone can help me with it.. First Entry (on 489): 18th May 2017 Left: 26th May 2017 Second Entry (moved permanently): 2nd April 2018 PR Granted: 22nd Sept 2020 As of 22nd Sept 2021, I will have stayed 1 year on PR and as I first entered in May 2017, I will have crossed 4 years since first entry... and less that 1 year outside from first entry... Can I apply on 22nd Sept 2020 or do I have to wait for 4 years from date of permanent movement? Secondly, If let's say a within a 4 year duration, a person has been out of the country for 1 year and 12 days.... can he apply for citizenship after 4 years and 12 days or does he have to do one more year? thanks!!
  2. AMH

    887 Visa - What's the update?

    How long does it take for CO to reply after first CO contact or since when additional documents are submitted?

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