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  1. Ahmed172

    Update form 80

    I've applied for visa 887 October, 2020 and still waiting. Back then Form 80 format design date was 10/15 Now I can see there is a new form 80 with a design date 03/21. Do we need to update the form?
  2. Ahmed172

    Form 80

    Where should we attach Form 80? I can see it in two places, in "Character" and there is another separate field for "Form 80"
  3. Ahmed172

    Form 1023

    Hi, I have made a mistake in my application. I will fix it in the "Notification of incorrect answer". But where should I attach form 1023? in "Other Document"? Thanks.
  4. Hi, I have applied for 887 visa and mentioned that my status is "divorced". My ex was never included in any application before as we got separated 7 years ago. Do I have to attach my divorce certificate? Thanks.
  5. Ahmed172

    Compressed files

    Hi, I am applying for 887. My bank statements are over 150 pages, after compressions, it won't be less than 20 MB in size. Can I divide it into Bank statement-1, bank statement-2,....etc? Thanks.
  6. Hi, I have answered yes on the question regarding if I have joined a military training before, as I finished my compulsory military service back in my country. Do I have to attach my military service certificate? thanks.
  7. Hi, Last night I have submitted my application for 887. One of the questions was regarding non-accompanying family members. I added Parents, brothers and sisters, as they should not be included in the appication. After submission, I found them included in the application. How can I remove them from the application? should I apply for "Notification of incorrect answer"?
  8. Hi, I have submitted my 887 visa application last night. There is a question regarding non-accompanying family members . I added parent, brothers and sisters, considering that they are non-accompanying. This means they will not be included in the application After submission, I found their names included among the applicants. How can I remove them? should I apply for "Notification for incorrect answer"?

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