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    887 visa grant

    Hi, If anybody has any idea about our situation, kindly help. My husband and me are on 489 visa. My husband is the main applicant. We had applied for 887 on 4th April, 2019. I came to India in the month of January when I was pregnant. Wanted to get back by March end, but due to covid 19, my flight got cancelled. So I did not have a choice, than to have a baby in India. Since our 887 was still in the process, we added our baby's details too. The last communication the department did with us for the baby's medical examination was on August 6, 2020. After that there has been absolutely no communication for more than 2 months now. Are we eligible to get a grant?? Nobody is giving us a clear picture. On October 4th, our 489 visa expired, since I'm already offshore I cannot apply for Bridging visa B also. My husband is in Australia where as I'm stuck in India. My husband hasn't even seen our daughter. This whole situation is very stressful. If anyone has any knowledge about it, kindly help.

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