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  1. MonstrousChicken

    Southern Suburbs- House for rent available long or short term

    Hi @MacLeods I hope you are well. I know this is an older post but just wondering if this is still available? We're looking for longer term rental ideally until we can buy. Thanks, MonstrousChicken
  2. MonstrousChicken

    Renting and moving

    @Arlene Hi Arlene, This is an older post so assuming this is all sorted now? We're looking for a rental at the moment and what you've described sounds perfect. Is the property available still? Thanks,
  3. MonstrousChicken

    Renting our Family Home Lockleys Adelaide

    Hi @Marc Richards Hope you are well. This is quite an old post so assuming you got sorted some time ago, however we're a family of fellow Pommies looking for a long-term rental if available from January 2021 and what you've described seems to tick our boxes. If so can you send me some pictures of the property please? Happy to nip for a pint at some stage if interested. Cheers, MonstrousChicken
  4. MonstrousChicken

    The nightmare rental market in Adelaide

    Hi all, Hope you are all safe and well (and everyone back home is too). My family and I relocated from the UK to Adelaide (Henley Beach) early this year (2020) and have been settling in since. We've been trying to find a place to rent in the "competitive" housing market here in Adelaide; naturally with a kid and dogs it seems pretty discriminatory straight off the bat which makes the outrageous process of renting even more so, mass house viewings, umpteen forms to complete, referencing, payslips and seemingly no rights as a tenant don't sit too well with me but I'm told that this along with many other things is simply "how it is over here". We're actively looking for a long-term rental ideally with the following: 3-4 bedrooms 1-2 living areas 2 bathrooms Aircon and preferably West of the CBD. Must accept a family with a child (14) and two small dogs. Zero interest in mass viewings, long waits, long applications or other such none-sense, if your place ticks the above then we're happy to view and move around January 2021, we're a very clean, respectful family who are just interested in getting on with things, life's too short for the none-sense. Thanks for reading. MonstrousChicken

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