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  1. sandeep198605

    887 Visa Application help

    Hi Naeem, I am in the same situation, have you done any changes to your application?
  2. sandeep198605

    887 Visa

    Hello Everyone, I hold 489 Visa, my wife and kid doesn't hold 489 Visa and applied for 887 visas 3 months ago by adding Can anyone let me know what answer(Yes or NO ) should be for the following question "Do you have any members of your family unit (other than a spouse/de facto partner) included in this visa application" I have chosen yes as I have added my wife, kid, and parents in Non-accompanying members of the family unit. Thanks Sundeep
  3. Hello Everyone, I am about to apply for 887 Visa, I am sharing a house with my friend, for 2 years, is it fine to get a statuary declaration signed by Justice of Peace in the following way : I am residing at HOUSE NO, STREET, SUBURB since dd/mm/yyyy to present and I Paid 120AUD per week which includes all bills or do I need to choose any other format?

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