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  1. Dear friends, I am a new member My name is Alex, I have a really important question that i need your advise! Please help me if you can answer because i feel now unsafety for me circumstance! My family were granted 489 Visa on 16/01/2020, at that time, i and my daughter grant offshore, my wife granted onshore. I am primary application, my wife is dependent. But due to Covid pandemic, I am not active Visa yet, but my wife is in effect because of onshore. However, We are divorced due to my wife had boy friend in australia. I look after my daughter. but due to Covid, we cannot come to Australia because of Border closed. I have a question that, if i come after 16/01/2022 due to Covid. How can i apply 887 later because of less than two years condition? and is there any policy for my circumstances? we know that due to Covid, we cannot come! The status of my visa is still In effect on VEVO. what does it mean? because i am not activate my visa yet! Thanks for your time, and hope to hearing from you! Best regards,

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