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  1. Hello guys, Soon my partner and I will be eligible to apply for the visa 887. Our only question/doubt is regarding the validity of police certificates. According to the link below, we do not need a new police certificate if we have not left the country. https://immi.homeaffairs.gov.au/wha...rogram/skilled-visa-newsletters/november-2019 See the following topic on the page/link: "Penal clearance certificates – validity issues" (or the image below). Attention to the last bullet point on the topic in specific. - - - Does this still stand or has this changed since November 2019? Our visa has been issued in November 2019 and since then we have not left Australia. Do we need to get new police certificate clearances from previous countries? Has anyone applied with expired policed certificate clearances and was okay? Thank you very much in advance. Cheers!
  2. nosepicker

    887 advice

    "You must have lived in a regional area for 2 years prior to applying." 5 things to apply. 1) at least 2 years with the 489 2) at least 2 years living regionally 3) at least 1 year working regionally 4) functional level of English 5) police certificates / clearances - - - then fill all the forms, apply, pay, etc...

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