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  1. tina&steve

    Teacher from UK Wins Award in Adelaide

    This is my sons teacher and she is bloody awesome.
  2. If only they would come to Adelaide..
  3. tina&steve

    Hyundai Excel (manual)

    where are you?
  4. $120 each for one direction tickets.
  5. tina&steve

    Great 1D tickets for sale

    Priced dropped for a quick sale $400 the pair!
  6. You could try skills recognition in curry st or email them if you are in the uk. I had to get my qualification mapped out by Tafe then I had to do I few more units to get a diploma .
  7. tina&steve

    Childcare Work - Police Check

    No one has every asked me for a uk police check, you have to have one for a visa.
  8. tina&steve

    Childcare Work - Police Check

    You will need a Aussie address, checks for child care can be got from the police station takes about 7-10 days to come back think it costs about $58. .
  9. A class research road bridge road end.
  10. tina&steve

    Free Stuff

    Hes you have, you must have too much time on your hands!! I'll have to have a word with Mrs tyke I'm sure she will find some jobs for you ;p
  11. tina&steve

    Free Stuff

    Darn you Mr Tyke I wanted those stools lol.
  12. tina&steve

    Few bits for sale

    Boys clothes all sold
  13. tina&steve

    Few bits for sale

  14. tina&steve

    Few bits for sale

    Been having a sort out. For Sale pick up Wynn Vale. Doctor Who licence plate frame size 31x16 cm brand new - $15 ipod touch minecraft creeper hard cover ( 5th Gen) brand new - $15 DVD player brand new - $20 6 Pairs of Next and Debenhams Jeans size: 5 years. New or hardly worn - $20 the lot.Sold brand new with tags Next Jeans size: 5 years - $10. sold Brand new with tags Rocha by John Rocha t- shirt Size 7-8 years ( more like 5-6 years) - $10. sold
  15. tina&steve


    I have had the fabric to make one for about 4 years now, so yes I'd be interested. And if you want to buy some cheap fabric......lol

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