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    Facebook For Business

    After the resource center dedicated to journalists , Facebook brings together data concerning the use of the social network for companies, on a portal logically entitled “Facebook for business”. It's a bit like the continuation of the series of guides that Mark Zuckerberg's firm published some time ago, about the possible uses of Facebook and its optimization in terms of marketing . These manuals are also included in this brand new center for companies. Facebook for Business. What's in Facebook for Business? Four main categories are presented: Fan pages, advertisements, sponsored newsand finally the platform (social widgets, applications, credits…) For the moment, and as often when Facebook launches a new service of Business Phone List this type, only the home page is translated into French, we will have to be content of the English language for the content itself. In terms of content, we can't say that Facebook for business is full of them… For each category, a single page will remind you of the fundamentals, for example to learn how to create a fan page. No need to hope to learn good practices, or glimpse the strategies to adopt on Facebook! To go further, you will have to turn to the small PDF guides published by Facebook. Like the center for journalists, it is difficult to understand the real usefulness and especially the target of this initiative.

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