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  1. Bertie

    Hello from Cheshire

    Thanks for your replies We now have our visa The flights and Air B&B have been booked for September 2023 and we are now packing up our life up here in England to finally make the move. We found a lovely place in Glenelg as a starting point to stay whilst we have a drive around and see where we like and that we can make a home. Looking forward to our arrival and doing lots of exploring, if anyone has anything that they would recommend or in particular we should see or do please let us know. Thanks Anuska
  2. Bertie

    Hello from Cheshire

    Hi Janine Thank you so much for taking the time to reply it means a lot. Thanks for your helpful advice a lot to consider and re search into. That's great to hear about the soccer League, I will have a very happy daughter and husband Good to know there is plenty of employment opportunities. We did see an air B&B in Seacliff that looked really nice, Do you know much about this area? Thanks again Anuska
  3. Bertie

    Hello from Cheshire

    Hi We submitted our 190 VISA in Feb 2019 and have been waiting since before Covid to hear anything about our application. We have just had an email from our agent to say we need to have our medicals and police checks. Hopefully our application is on the move for approval! We don't know anybody or have visited Adelaide before so looking for any helpful tips or suggestions that will help with the move eventually! Unsure where to live or schools to apply for. My husband is an electrician so don't really need to be city based and we don't want long commutes to work/schools. We would like to be nearby the beach and somewhere that has lots to do such as parks, cafes restaurants and family orientated. Our daughters are currently 8 and 2 and the eldest plays football, husband is also a football coach and currently managers a team here in the UK so would like to continue out in Adelaide. We have a Campervan that we would also like to bring over, so if anybody has done anything like this please let us know. If anybody has any helpful advice they can offer, please send them our way. Speak soon

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