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  1. leannegriffiths87

    Female Housemate needed

    Hi everyone. unfortunalty me and my partner have seperate and I'm needing help at my home with the costs. Im looking for a Female to move in, at this point until December but this can be discussed. I have a beautiful modern, newly renovated three bedroom home in Trott park. it has an open planned kitchen, living and dining area, a large outdoor covered veranda space a spare room with a sofa and t.v, ducted heating and cooling throughout and off street parking. It is a 7 minute drive to seacliff railway station, a two minute drive to Brighton road and south road and a two minute walk to the local shops, cafe and community centre. I am not always home and come and go very frequently, I am usually found walking my dog, working, going to the gym or keeping busy. I would love to share my space with someone,I'm tidy, easy going, friendly and fun and would like to Be able to have a laugh with someone. i would be asking $200 a week including all bills and internet use. If anyone is keen please message and we can arrange to meet or I can send you some pics of the house. thanks.
  2. leannegriffiths87

    Henley beach!! Lease break.

    http://www.eliterentals.com.au/property/122-halsey-road-henley-beach-south/ New inspections time!!
  3. leannegriffiths87

    Henley beach!! Lease break.

    http://www.eliterentals.com.au/property/122-halsey-road-henley-beach-south/ take a look. Great beach side living.
  4. leannegriffiths87

    Dog Boarding

    I'm West, in Henley beach.
  5. leannegriffiths87

    Dog Boarding

    Hi everyone, I'm just wondering if anyone could give me any help on dog boarding in Adelaide, I'm needing to go away over the new year period (29-2nd Jan) and I'm therefore looking for a place to board him, Ideally i would like for them to have some space so they are not just stuck in pens all day, i have previously taken him to AWL but the environment it too stressful, so im looking to get away from this. Any advice would be appreciated. Thank you, Leanne.
  6. leannegriffiths87

    girl mates for drinks, giggles and hanging out :-)

    Hi everyone! My names Leanne, I'm very keen to meet new friends, i have been here two years and only seem to collect friends as a couple, so it would be nice to find some girl friends. Perhaps we should all have one big meet up?
  7. leannegriffiths87

    Looking to meet new people

    I'm living in Brooklyn park near the airport. x
  8. leannegriffiths87

    To change Career or not? Veterinary nursing

    Hey Huggesy, Thanks very much for your information, its good to know from someone in the same position compared to people already in the industry. All the best with your search, Where are you inquiring? I feel like i have gone round in circles finding information and everyone has different ideas, but your information has been a little clearer and clarified some things that i have been wondering. Thanks again leanne.
  9. Hi, I am currently working in a montessori pre-school, as a diploma qualified teacher, but would love to pursue my passion for animals and work in the veterinanry nursing field, the only problem is that due to working full time i can only study out of hours and weekends, most courses are full time or need you to be working in a veterinary clinic in order to study. I did however find a course on the open uni website where i could study a cert 4 in veterinanry nursing whilst volunteering in a surgery, it all sounds great but im not sure whether the industry see this route as credible as is doesnt seem to be registered as a training organisation. I then heard from the Veterinanry nursing council Australia that you dont necessarily need to be qualified to work as a veterinary nurse and that some clinics would take you on unqualified, i am now very confused and thought about just getting some general experience by volunteering, although i need some insurance. Is anyone able to give me advice on whether they have studied this course via the open uni, or whether they are nationally recognised? and what insurance i may need to volunteer? any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thank you Leanne x x
  10. leannegriffiths87

    Moving to Adelaide in Feb

    Good Luck Leanne, You will be fine, Me and My partner arrived into Adelaide around 4 months ago, and love grange and henley, grange has a great jetty cafe and is beautiful at sunset, it also has grange hotel which is set just off the beach and a little more expensive, whereas Henley had a whole square of resturants, take aways and pubs etc just near the jetty, the stretch of beach is beautiful. Semapore is gorgeous to and has a high street running down to the jetty so has everything there including a cinema, coffee shops, chinese,sweet shop and clothing store etc I think semophore is slightly cheaper for rental/buying as it is already establish and the homes seem older. All the best for your transition over. Feel free to message me when you arrive (or if you are ever in need of a babysitter) Leanne and Simon.
  11. leannegriffiths87

    Radio Stations in Adelaide

    92.7 = Fresh, good tunes friday/ sat night and also check out http://www.koffee.com.au/ live streaming from different stations in Adelaide. x
  12. leannegriffiths87


    p.s. have you also checked all other states for the state sponsorship options that was the visa we got 176, Each state has different 'SOL' lists occupational lists and requirements it may be worth looking at them if you havent already. I know you said you wanted Adelaide specifically but it may be that your way in is through another state.
  13. leannegriffiths87


    If you guys are under 31 then you can also get working holiday visa's and come over that way (or one of you) to try and find a job in which to get sponsored. You can also do whilst on this visa 3months witin agricultural work in order to gain a second year, to extend the time in which you have to find the correct job etc. However if you are over 31, its worth scanning, websites such as seek and careerone to see if they have any jobs which you could apply for, i recently sent a link to my friend who thought she didnt have a way in and she applied for the job and it going to have a phone interview. Another friend got over through the same way having a phone interview, she then got the job and was flown over, all expenses paid, job sponsorship, put up for first month, items from home shipped etc and partner was put on her visa. So there are definatley ways. If i hadnt any options to come over i would even consider coming over on a tourist visa for 6 months and talking to industries whilst here to see if they could sponsor, there are even companies willing to sponsor such as resturant chains etc, so if you wanted to live here that much you could take any job for sponsorship purposes. I hope some of this information helps, it may seem broad but these are the options i had to consider when we thought we had messed up our visa. We went with a migration agent called immigration2oz the agents name was john adams, they were great help and were very honest. All the best for 2013
  14. p.s. there is also some revision material for the IELTs test that my partner found on Amazon worth a look this helped him 2nd time round
  15. yes i agree, i would suggest a re try, my OH didn' t met the needed requirements so re sat the test, as much of a hassle as it seems it saved ALOT of hassle with not having to change visa's etc. All the best either way x

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