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  1. kyliedonut

    How cold is cold?!

    I was in Adelaide last July/August and was fine with a waterproof thin jacket and jeans, and scarf if i was feeling the chill when out and about. It was indoors that I was colder, depends on the property, but where I was staying didn't have the best insulation, so found myself cold at nights, and no heating to put on for an hour to warm the place up. I wore a hoodie to bed on a couple of occasions! You can always pick up cheapy blankets when you arrive for cooler nights etc.
  2. kyliedonut

    New Royal Adelaide Hospital

    But with the size of it, they are certainly gonna need a few extra nurses here and there! I am an A&E nurse, so it would be the ED or High dependency areas that I would be interested in. Just with some areas apparently moving in July, but not officially opening til November, I wondered even if there would be short term contracts going. I guess I'll just keep watching the websites. Thanks!
  3. Hello there, just wondering if anyone knows of updates with regards to opening of the new RAH? I have just gained my PR, have got my nursing registration in principle, and hope to come over Sept/October-ish. I know there have been hold ups with construction etc, but I'm surprised there has not been any recruitment going on yet. Meant to be 6000 jobs when it finally does open, obviously not all medical/nursing. Any insider knowledge much appreciated.
  4. kyliedonut

    Understanding Medicare

    ah ok...it's the medicare card - I have had one previous when on WHV. No worries, getting myself confused re: NHS card. Cheers!
  5. kyliedonut

    Understanding Medicare

    Saw someone mention a NHS card in regards to reciprocal medical cover.....any ideas? I work in NHS, and have never heard of this card!?
  6. kyliedonut

    ANMAC & AHPRA speedy turn around!

    I'll give them another week, then will email them to see what's happening. According to Royal Mail tracking, it is with them!
  7. kyliedonut

    ANMAC & AHPRA speedy turn around!

    Lovely to read, thank you. I am a newly qualified nurse and am at the beginning of the process. AHPRA and ANMAC lodged early February. ANMAC have emailed to say that they will start to assess, no word of acknowledgement from AHPRA yet, no payment taken yet either. The waiting game is the hardest part, I'm sure! Good luck with the next step in your journey!
  8. kyliedonut

    Kangaroo Island

    I spent a couple of nights there in July/August - cold, but visiting from Scotland, wasn't too bad for me! I was alone, so stayed at a hostel in Kingscote, which was fine Done a few walks through Flinders Chase, the touristy walks to Remarkable Rocks etc, all absolutely worth it. Popped into a few beaches along the North East coast, all gorgeous as per. Even in winter...I couldn't help myself having a little paddle at Baudin(?) Beach. Only regret is not staying longer.........can only imagine it would be even more spectacular in the warmer months
  9. kyliedonut

    10 months in!

    Fab read!
  10. kyliedonut

    Menatl Health Nurse jobs

    Interesting @Kestral - I'm also hopefully going to be coming across as a recently qualififed - hopefully about 18month-2year experience by the time I get there. Can I ask, are you working in mental health?
  11. Down Under Centre - based in London, are hoping to start offering packages to help with WHV and agency work - check them out, really friendly team, even if just for advice
  12. kyliedonut

    189 visa submitted

    I have just figured out today that for AHPRA, you need a different police check - it's called Fit2Work, and can be accessed through the AHPRA website. You can do this prior to completing AHPRA, they will just hold onto the certificate until they receive your application, and then match the 2 up. It seems there are lots of mental health nursing jobs around at the moment in Australia, and I reckon you could both try to secure work before you head out there - even as a newly qualified nurse. I qualified in September, and moved to London from Scotland to start a job in a big A&E down here. So I'm waiting for my 3 months to be up so I can ask for a reference. Will continue to work and save and attempt to secure a job before I go over to Adelaide, hopefully early 2017.
  13. kyliedonut

    189 visa submitted

    So exciting! I'm planning on submitting ANMAC and AHPRA once I have my employer reference and statement of employment - this is probably going to be mid December, so think I may wait until early next year to submit it, rather than over the Xmas holidays. Watching your timeline with interest too! Must be feeling very real for you now
  14. kyliedonut

    A few questions!

    I know for sure that you only get one TFN number...I actually went hunting through my old emails from my WHV days and found mine today
  15. kyliedonut

    Our Journey so far

    So exciting! Good luck!

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