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  1. wubbledoos

    Landlady issues anyone else Fulham Gardens?

    It might be worth posting some details about what you went to tribunal for and why you lost. You say you were prepared for her, but still lost, be a good thing to know what you did/didn't do for you to still lose as I know a lot of people think the tribunal is the answer (we did, but never went through with it) so might help people be better prepared for when tshtf.
  2. wubbledoos

    south suburbs

    20 minute walk is not a trek, I walk to city south from the station and that's about the same distance. Granted that 20 minutes adds on to the journey south, so it does make it seem a longer commute.
  3. wubbledoos

    Gutter Guard

    Hi, Do you mind sharing how much this service cost? We're looking at getting this done so would be interested to know.
  4. wubbledoos

    Solar hot water

    Isn't the electrical booster on the solar system just the same as having a normal bog standard electric boiler? So in winter is the same cost as having a non solar boiler but then in warmer months it's solar aka free?
  5. wubbledoos

    Solar hot water

    Hi, Has anyone had a solar hot water system fitted recently? Can you advise of the cost - or any recommendations for companies? SolarHart reckons over $3k (with rebate taken off) for 300 litre system, plus fitting. Just wondering if this is around the average?
  6. wubbledoos


    It's a 6 minute drive between the two....
  7. wubbledoos

    Solar Panels

    Here is a simple overview, http://www.solargain.com.au/which-solar-energy-system-is-right-for-me From Dec 14 to march 15 the solar on the house we're looking to buy produced around 13.2 a day on a 3.5 system. So the table in that link is fairly good. Our current average usage is around 19 a day though, and that's with just a solar hot water system.
  8. wubbledoos

    NBN - Seaford Rise

    We use Adam and its good service, we're further south though, we do get the speed they promised. They dont charge for going over the limit but they do throttle to a speed that makes it unusable.. But we've only gone over once, and that was due to a breaking bad session. We used dodo for normal net when in hc and that was fine, I know they offer nbn now.
  9. wubbledoos

    British foods

    They sell Lancashire crumbly in Coles. :thumbup: I miss chippy curry sauce slopped on top of half rice and chips, about the only thing I miss about the UK, not sure if that's sad or good lol
  10. wubbledoos

    Struggling to find a job....

    Subway that is, do they even have Starbucks here.. Must have been craving coffee
  11. wubbledoos

    Struggling to find a job....

    Also follow up, I applied for my job and after a few weeks I'd heard nothing, I found the name of the director of the position and sent a follow up email with a bit of blurb in it. I got a call from hr the next day with an interview time. I'm pretty sure I'd never have got that without chasing up. My step daughter applied for Starbucks and heard nothing, we told her to ring the manager and follow up, that also worked. With so many applications it's the little things that help you stand out.
  12. wubbledoos

    Money Saving Tips: Cinema's

    I take it the telethon card is limited to 1 ticket per card?
  13. Was horrendous, we ended up leaving before the lighting as we were worried getting out would be as much of a shambles as the rest of it.
  14. wubbledoos

    Centerlink Benefits for new Residents

    There is this site that will give you some indication http://www.humanservices.gov.au/customer/enablers/online-estimators
  15. wubbledoos

    Property available?

    Spot the southerner

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