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  1. Hi Kirsteen are you primary or secondary trained ?
  2. Hi aent you a pm with a good accountant that I use along with some other poms who have property
  3. kevinr

    Rental issue?

    Hi You can open an aussie bank account whilst still in the uk e.g. ANZ or Commonwealth bank as this gives you more points for their 100 point system and you don't pay charges when withdrawing money from your own bank in Oz. Bring a copy of your council tax bill from your home in Uk as that helps and as soon as you land you can get a SA driving licence as its a straight transfer if you have a permanent residents visa and theres no additional exam or driving test. The same with Medicare (NHS) if you register with them then you get a temporary id whilst they post the plastic card out to you and this all helps with getting the 100 points all the letting agents look for. Mount Gambier is a nice place but is a long 4-5 hour drive from Adelaide but has a lovely Blue lake and only about 20,000 residents but has all the local amenities and is very clean
  4. kevinr

    dog sitting

    Hi We are visiting the Uk over the xmas period for a month and have reserved a place at a kernels for our 12 year old retriever x dog who has stayed in kennels previoulsy and whilst the kennels are very nice and the staff good they are noisy and he doesn't get the space he has at home or even to walk around the garden as he likes. He is a quiet dog who hardly ever barks and likes his own space/bed! We live down south in Marino and was wondering if anyone knew of any good dog sitters that they could recommend as this may be a better option for him Any recommendations greatly appreciated and feel free to PM if you wish Thanks Kevin
  5. kevinr

    Car hire in UK

    Hi Try http://www.carhire3000.com/ its a good search engine for all the car hire companies and does one way drops as well. Have used these for years in the uk and are reliable.
  6. kevinr

    One year here

    HI our eldest daughter is already planning on moving To move in summer 2015. The youngest is still at university and has a few more years to do before she can come. We are definitely not looking forward to the cold and rain especially as Adelaide will be so much dryer and warmer when when travel
  7. kevinr

    One year here

    Hi my wife and I have been here for 12 months now after leaving our two older children behind in the UK. It was a hard decision but both girls want to live in Australia so if we hasn't we would have been too old to get a PR. visa. We have been to Oz before but never Adelaide and it was Adelaide that chose us as my wife is a teacher. The year has flown and we both have jobs my wife had to go on TRT which after 24 years teaching in permanent regular jobs at one school was harder to adapt to waiting for the call at 6.30 in the morning and not knowing what school or year group age she would have to teach. The differing school systems and endless paperwork and differing pay scales in each school sector is mildly frustrating especially at tax time however we have both settled in really well the people and place is fantastic as is the lifestyle. The whole area has so much to do and see and the flights around Australia are extremely cheap as long as you book early we have been to Perth Sydney and the Gold Coast so far in the 12 months and not been disappointed. Both our girls have been out and confirmed they want to come out so at the moment all is good though when they go back to the UK we are sad but then we see the weather and lifestyle we have and it cheers us up we are visiting the UK for Xmas so will get a better appreciation of of old and new life then .
  8. Hi Karen look up Andrew Williams from Vista he posts on here and he and Stacey are very good at dealing with UK pensions. Have a read of his posts about moving pensions and you can make your own decision about what to do as his articles are current and informative good luck kevin
  9. Hi have a look on sa government notice of vacancies new jobs are posted every Wednesday after 4 pm there are normally a few HR jobs on there and SAPOL are always looking for HR people. The usual way is to take a temporary post then t comes ongoing
  10. kevinr

    Meet for a chat in Hallett cove area

    Hi Shaun and karina wrlcome to Adelaide we h e been here nearly 12 months and really enjoy it. The whole area is a lovely place to live. Ill pm you if you want to meet up as we live in Marino kevin n Liz
  11. kevinr

    migration agent recommendation

    We used concept Australia in Manchester they were excellent fully supportive and honest throughout the whole process
  12. Hi Here is the link to the house now its advertised http://www.realestate.com.au/property-house-sa-brighton-413391015 Kevin
  13. Hi yes it is in Brighton high school zone and its $410 a week the whole house was refurbished it has air con new kitchen with dishwasher, tiled porcelain floor, new bathroom and two toilets. It has an enclosed garden at the rear and is in a lovely spot and we have really enjoyed our time here but wanted to buy one. We are close to Brighton primary school as well as st Theresa's catholic primary.
  14. Hi We have just bought our first home in Adelaide and will be breaking lease on our lovely rental house. It is a 3 bedroomed single storey house which has fired wardrobes and is 150m from Brighton Beach. It is 5 mins from Jetty road cafes and restaurants and the local train station. It is a lovely area to live and transport links to the city are great with new trains. There is a garage for the car and the rent is good. If anyone is interested send me a pm Kevin
  15. kevinr

    house sit just fallen through, help, any ideas?????

    Hi we have just bought a house and will be leaving our rental in a couple of weeks. The house is a 3 bed bungalow which is 200m from Brighton beach and 5 mins from jetty road and the train station if you're interested send me a pm

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