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  1. Blossom


    Hi everyone. After nearly 10 years here I'm finally just about in a position to buy a house! Yay! So we are thinking about Lewiston. We can get a couple of acres there and it's not far from both mine and my partners work. However, we have two small children and I know nothing about childcare or schooling there. I'd love to hear from anyone in the area about how you find it in general, plus with kids. Thanks
  2. Blossom


    Hi all, can anyone recommend a cleaner who will come to Plympton for a regular house clean? Preferably with their own supplies. Thanks :-)
  3. Blossom

    Changes to employment in 187 visa

    So does that mean my visa grant letter was incorrect?
  4. Blossom

    SA drivers licence on your phone

    Cool! It's not actually a legal requirement to carry your driving licence with you though, just strongly encouraged (unless you are driving on an overseas licence when you are supposed to have both it and your passport).
  5. Blossom

    Changes to employment in 187 visa

    Has it changed recently @wrussell? This is from my visa grant. Your Obligations You must meet the following obligations.  commence employment within six months of arriving in Australia or within six months of the visa grant if they are already in Australia  remain employed in the nominated position in the regional area for at least two years. Your visa may be cancelled if you do not comply with these obligations to complete the two year contract with the employer. If you have any enquiries regarding your obligations please contact 131 881 or write to:
  6. Blossom

    Fingers crossed!

    Welcome to the forum. :-)
  7. Blossom

    Finding a GP

    They have started an online health thing now so all your records can be accessed wherever you go I believe. I think you had to sign up though.
  8. Blossom

    The Pound vs Australian dollar

    So if I'm looking at things right, over the last year the exchange rate had pretty much plummeted, but it's now increasing? Do you think that is likely to carry on going up?
  9. Blossom

    The Pound vs Australian dollar

    Is that good or bad for us bringing money out here John?
  10. Blossom

    Bone Marrow Registry

    That's great to hear Hayshake! I must admit that's the bit that would scare me.
  11. Blossom

    General advice

    There are certainly marital arts schools here, somyes there is demand. No idea if that means that hole is already filled though. Unlike snifter i wear my duck down every day through winter. But I work outdoors and start early. If the sun is out it warms up quickly, but until then it can feel bloody cold. Frost does happen (just not often). You are quite right about the wind. It does seem very windy often. But then there's lots of times it's not that windy. The weather here is better than the U.K. In my eyes. Summer is often too hot (this year has been great though). The sea is beautiful temperature now. Work wise, I'd imagine from what I've talked to other people in your field, that you'd have no problems there. There aren't as many opportunities for kids here as in the uk, but that's because there are nowhere near the amount of people in Thai country. My hayfever is a bit better here than it was in the uk. Personally i cant imagine moving my whole life anywhere I hadn't visited before. Could you take some time out when you got here and visit both places?
  12. Blossom

    187 RSMS visa - spouse restrictions?

    The three agents are right. However, if you won't believe three people who have taken degrees in immigration law, I certainly wouldn't listen to me.
  13. Blossom

    Kangaroo Island

    @snifter did you end up going? My parents are coming over for Christmas and we are trying to work out if it's worth the huge cost to stay there then.
  14. Blossom

    Hello Everyone

    Hi Eric. Welcome. Are you already in Adelaide or looking to make the move?
  15. Blossom

    Baby info needed, please

    The first question, I have a big car so go over no problem. However, they are not supposed to be tight, so you can loosen off and then retighten each time you go in and out. Im no help on prams I'm afraid. We don't often use one.

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