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  1. Shanners1

    Breaking Lease - Moana

    Hi Sue 3 years has gone so quickly!! We wish you well in your new home. Hopefully we can find a family to enjoy the house and location as much as you have. cheers chris
  2. Shanners1

    Going Back

    Liz, Can Rich do a fly-in/fly-out on a Tuesday night for 5 aside soccer? Chris
  3. Shanners1

    Selling household items

    I am definately letting Sarah get on with the selling.
  4. Shanners1

    Selling household items

    How long is "a while"?
  5. Shanners1

    Selling household items

    So what are the qualification rules for being allowed to submit a "for sale" post? Is there a minimum time period that you have to be member for or perhaps a minimum number of posts you have made, or perhaps a minimum number of posts that you have viewed or some other ludicrous rule. Are there any other types of posts that new members can't submit? If there is a "for sale" forum then allow it to be used. Cheers Chris
  6. For what its worth.... If a recruitment agency has a current vacancy and you have the matching skills then they are your best friend. If they don't have a current vacancy for you it can be a struggle and they are generally poor in getting back to you or providing updates (that's my experience here and the UK). Yes, agencies make their money from taking a regular % of the rate paid by the employer and yes they also take a % lump sum if the employer takes you on directly (that's life). However you can and should negotiate to get the best rate for yourself. I have had excellent service from the agencies (Hudson & Hays) in Adelaide mainly through building up a working relationship with specific individuals on a face-to-face basis (although the interaction started from the UK). Cheers Chris
  7. Shanners1

    IT jobs? Also help with CV please

    Hays and Hudsons seem to have their claws into most IT contract Jobs and I registered with both of them. It's best to see a recruitment agent face to face once you get here and build a relationship with them. By doing this I found that I would get shortlisted for jobs before they got advertised and also got offered jobs that were never formally advertised. I can give you the names of the agents I used if you drop me a PM Cheers Chris
  8. Shanners1

    Can you get stuff on HP if you're on a SIR visa?

    The major retailers seem to have different rules (or none at all) on HP. You can get credit cards on a SIR visa Cheers Chris
  9. Shanners1

    football team

    After being knocked out of the play offs last night we have a couple of weeks gap before the season starts up again. However i am arranging a "friendly" against one of the other sides who haven't made it to the finals. We will be playing next Tuesday at Seaford rec (time TBA). If anyone's interested (age isn't an issue) drop me a PM. Chris
  10. Shanners1

    Cricket or rugby union

    Matt, The Onkaparingas are probably the nearest rugby union club. The season is just finishing up but they run touch rugby for all ages during the summer. Very family orientated club with a good social side. Not sure about cricket. Seaford rec used to do indoor cricket but it may have stopped. Cheers Chris
  11. Shanners1

    IT Jobs in Adelaide

    Depends what line of IT you're in and whether you're looking for permanent or contract work. The contracting market seems to fluctuate on a regular basis - at the moment there's not a great deal of new positions, but 2 months ago there were loads. Drop me a PM and I may be able to provide some further info. Cheers Chris
  12. If you go to the Hays salary survey https://www.hays.com.au/salary/default.aspx it may give you an idea about average salaries. It covers a wide range of jobs across a number of industries. Cheers Chris
  13. Shanners1

    Is Nothing Sacred???

    Liz, You obviously didn't hear the rumours about Valerie and Shep either!!!! Cheers Chris
  14. HAYS do a salary survey every year and the 2008 version is available on their website (hays.com.au). It covers a wide range of IT jobs (as well as other occupations) across Australia. It might also be useful to contact some of the big IT recruitment agencies (Hays, Hudson, Talent) to get a view from them on current opportunities as alot of IT jobs aren't advertised and those that are advertised don't specify a salary. Cheers Chris
  15. Shanners1


    Hi, You'll find that Hudsons and Hays are probably the 2 biggest IT recruiters, although it does depend on your particular skill. Cheers Chris

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