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  1. Nairnandtain

    Parent Visa option

    Hi, finally after 7 years my parents have decided they would like to come and live out here with us in Adelaide. What are their options re visa. We (me. OH and 3 kids) are their only living relatives now so I assume they pass the balance of family rule? They are 74 and 72 respectively and plan to buy their own property to live in. Any advice would be gratefully received. Regards, Shelley Scott
  2. Nairnandtain

    Right to return visa

    We are returning to the Uk for a holiday but as we are not citizens yet we need to apply for a Right to Return visa. Can anyone tell me how long this visa is valid for? Also how much they are and are children the same or are they attached to a parent’s visa? Thank you! Shelley
  3. Nairnandtain

    Extending a Visa

    Hi, my father in law is extending his visa online. He is here with his wife, my question is do they have to complete separate applications or is his wife attached to his? Their current visa is subclass 601. thank you, Shelley Scott
  4. Nairnandtain

    Applying for UK passport

    Hi I need to renew my passport ( and 3 kids passports!) from here in Australia. Does anyone know the likely waiting time and any hints or tips you could give me to reduce stress!!! Lol thanks, Shelley
  5. Nairnandtain

    Applying for new UK passport

  6. We are not yet Aus citizens although we have been here for just over 4 years. My 11 year old son needs a new UK passport, how do I go about applying for one from Australia. Don't know where to begin!! Regards, Shelley.
  7. Nairnandtain

    Hoping to move

    Hi Bryan, I'm a primary teacher too. Moved out just over 3 years ago. Happy to give any advice. Good luck. Shelley.
  8. Nairnandtain

    visitors visa

    Hi, has anyone had experience of extending their 3 months visitors visa using the visa 600? I'm asking on behalf of my parents. Thanks.
  9. Nairnandtain

    Endow Spa Vouchers for sale

    Not in the city much! Where are you?
  10. Nairnandtain

    Endow Spa Vouchers for sale

    Yes can be used at any branch.
  11. Nairnandtain

    Endow Spa Vouchers for sale

    Im in Fulham Gardens.
  12. Nairnandtain

    Endow Spa Vouchers for sale

    Oops meant Endota Spa vouchers! $50 - anyone!
  13. Nairnandtain

    Endow Spa Vouchers for sale

    Hi I have $80 voucher for Endota Spa treatments. Sell for $60 valid until August. Great Mother's Day gift!
  14. Nairnandtain

    Visa query

    My mum and dad want to come out to Adelaide for 12 months. Can they apply for a long stay 600? They are 70 and 68 respectively and in great health. Thanks
  15. Nairnandtain

    Landlady issues anyone else Fulham Gardens?

    We have no idea why we lost, she produced photographic evidence but the photographs were not dated, in fact they were not even of the property we rented (she has other rental properties). We had dated photographic evidence, proof of carpet cleaning, receipts to show we has replaced the lawn. I emailed to ask how and why they favoured her evidence to ours but didn't get an answer. Cant afford to pay $500 to appeal. Shelley.

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