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  1. TonyD

    Adelaide airport development:

    This is a great project that will enhance Adelaide - there may be a certain Project Manager not unknown to this forum that may make it a fantastic success!!
  2. TonyD

    Bloody crows

    Mmmmmm........I'd be if I was a one - eyed crow!
  3. TonyD

    Bloody crows

    That's all I'm saying!
  4. TonyD

    Importing a Motorhome

    The only advice I'd give is unless it's an off-road one sell it, a lot of the roads to the best spots are unsealed, you will quickly ruin a standard motor home or be extremely limited getting about to see this great country.
  5. Beer is the glue that binds mankind together Bel.......embrace it!!!
  6. TonyD

    $12 a pint!!!!!!

    When I left 18 months ago it was £4.60 for a pint of either Guinness or Stella in my local. In Manchester it was over the £5 mark and I understand from friends it has gone up since so that was the basis of my assumption. The above link may be prices of local beers like Sam Smiths etc. Or weatherspoon prices that bring the average prices down? Or it might be the type of pubs where you stick to the carpet which I'd rather stay away from! I will know for sure in just over a weeks time and will confirm - if you're right ill be a happy man.
  7. TonyD

    $12 a pint!!!!!!

    Thanks a lot guys, really helpful TD
  8. TonyD

    $12 a pint!!!!!!

    Thanks Ross, top man - will PM you
  9. TonyD

    $12 a pint!!!!!!

    Now only a week and half off our first visit home to Costa Del Oldham and looking at the exchange rate it's going to be costing the best part of $12 a pint in some of the pubs back home!! Question is how do I get the most out of transferring money back? I still have a UK bank account so could transfer some easy enough but no longer have a cash card as it has now expired (which I suppose I could easily sort online). I could just use my Commbank ATM card in UK ATMs but someone has told me it costs a fortune? Someone has mentioned getting a transfer card through Commbank but are these as flexible as a debit card is? What was the best way any of you guys who have been back recently have got the most out of your dollar against such a strong pound? Your advice would be much appreciated. TD
  10. TonyD

    In the UK a week

    We're back in 3 weeks.......can't wait to see all our droogs but we've always thought there's not much difference between Aus and the UK price-wise! We have only been here 18 months though.
  11. TonyD

    Good news if transferring money

    Not so good news if you're going home for a visit in July!
  12. TonyD

    Which radio station for you?

    3D radio is good sometimes to suit my alternative rock needs but it is too hit and miss with downright weird stuff. I always put it on first in the car and then turn it over if it isn't any good (about 50% of the time) - at home the Sonos is the best thing I have ever bought, you can listen to almost any radio station in the world and XFM Manchester is always on. I can't recommend the Sonos system highly enough, you pay top dollar but the sound quality and features are worth it.
  13. I was out on my mate's boat about a month ago and after paying 30m of line out on my shark rod saw a dorsal fin come up 5m off the boat and it was a 5ft hammerhead! Reeled my bait in to try and tempt it but it swam off the other way!! Amazing as we were only 100m off the coast of Semaphore! We did bag up on KG Whiting and blue swimmer crab that day though so can't complain!

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