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  1. Hi Everyone, I was planning to move to Adelaide within the next 2 months with my wife and 2 boys (5yrs and 2yrs). I was a bit unclear about when my boys can start school there. Does it have to be from the first term of the school year or can it be from any term? My older one will turn 6yrs in June 2017 and the little one will be 3yrs in Feb 2017. Please, any guidance will be appreciated as i need to plan accordingly since i am coming from overseas. Cheers. Sent from my SM-G935F using Tapatalk
  2. Hi everyone. I just made a last minute plan to make my short landing in Adelaide to validate my PR190 visa on 15th Feb. Is anyone else planning to move ther this month and willing to meet up there. I will be there till the 26th of Feb. Cheers
  3. Hi Awj, I got my Vetassess approval for the same category this year. It took over 3 months to get it but it was done widout any problem. I have hired a agent for my immigration process. Althought it seems to be a easy process. The main things which i found important for skills assessment where my qualifications, letter from company (outlining my work and duties) and my resume. Hope this helps and good luck.
  4. Hi Clair. Im sure you're right. I quess i am thinking too optimistically....would you know if this delay is being applied to Pakistani applicant applying from Pakistan only? I am from Pakistan but i have applied for visa from Saudi Arabia since i have been living here for quite some time now. Appreciated your help..... Regards Danish
  5. Hi Khan2942014, I do not know which visa is the 887 but i had applied for my 190 end of July this year. My lawyer said it can take upto maximum of 6 months. Still waiting with fingers crossed. Regards, Danish
  6. danish

    Migration Agent needed

    With my experience so far, i would Recommend Robert Alexander. He is based in Adelaide and is a registered agent of MARA. Had called him once before acquiring his service but never felt the need to call him again as he replies really fast to my emails. Plus, he is very knowledgable about the immigration process. Regards, Danish
  7. Hi Everyone, My agent just submitted the EOI for me last week with State Sponsorship for 190. He said it might take a month or so to get the result. Just wanted to know what to expect and how much time does it take normally to get any feedback from DIBP? Regards, Danish
  8. Hi Loveaustralia, I think the processing time depends from case to case. However, i would advise you to be patient and wait for any news from your agent. I was in your shoes just 3 days ago. My MARA agent had also submitted my vetassess application in Jan this year and i just got a positive reply from vetassess on the 9th of this month. Im sure you will hear something soon too (if your case is not a complicated one). Hope this helps. cheers.
  9. Hey everyone. Just heard from my agent, the assessment result came back as Positive.....Feeling good about clearing the first hurdle. Thank you everyone for your feedback......Next step EOI....
  10. Well my agent informed me on Friday that they have made a decision and that they will inform us after 2 working days (that turns out to be Wednesday). But ya, im also a bit confused as to why they havnt told us already. This has me a bit worried now.
  11. Thanks everyone. Just got news from my agent that a decision has been made and will know by Wednesday (fingers crossed).
  12. Hi everyone. As you can see by the title i am still waiting for my vetassess file to be approved. My file was submitted on 7th Jan this year by my agent and till today we have no news about it. Can anyone help me out and give me an idea as to how much time it normally takes for the assessment process. I have submitted it for the occupation of "Prodcution Manager". Thanks in advanceRegards,Danish
  13. danish

    Application submitted for Assessment

    Will do that Russell, thanks.

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