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  1. Hi all, Woodside Warriors Soccer Club in the Adelaide Hills are seeking a senior coach and new players for pre-season in January. The club plays in the Collegiate League and entered the FFA Cup preliminary round last year. The club is on a fairly steep upward curve, with a fast growing youth set-up, women's team and upgrades to facilities for 2019. If you are interested in playing next year or have coaching experience and would like to apply, please contact admin@wwsc.com.au. Cheers, Neil
  2. If you live in the Adelaide Hills and are considering playing football (soccer) this season, the Woodside Warriors have just started pre-season and are looking for new players for their A and B teams. We have a nice mix of English, Scottish, Irish, Dutch and Australians in the side, and would welcome players new to the area looking to join a club. For further information regarding where and when, please contact Neil at 0427 422007.
  3. NeilW

    Interstate Removals - SA to QLD

    We moved a house full of stuff with Grace Removals for $3500 inc GST. Maybe give them a call. That was Rockhampton to Adelaide, so similar distance-wise.
  4. Hi,

    I live in Stirling, so if you did want to catch up with an Englishman (my wife is Australian, we have a 4 year old son) please drop me a line. I'm originally from Peterborough, but moved to Australia in 2001. We've lived in Stirling for 3 years and love it. I have friends in Aldgate, Bridgewater, Crafers, Mount Barker, Nairne and Hahndorf, so can give you our thoughts on life in the hills if you'd like more information.


    Neil Williams

  5. Another bump, if you are keen on futsal and want a run on a Friday night. We play in Hahndorf, so would suit anyone in the hills wanting a game. See http://www.soccerdads.com.au for more information and contact details. cheers, Neil
  6. Hi, Try soccerdads.com.au - friendly bunch who play 5-a-side every Friday night in Hahndorf. Followed up by a beer in one of the very decent local pubs in Hahndorf. Good fun, some nice players there and a beer after. See you there! Mix of English, Scottish, Welsh, Aussie, South African and Dutch. Neil
  7. NeilW

    Should I be offended?

    Over the next few months, go to a picturesque winery (no shortage here) and grab an amazing photo with wine, food, family and stunning backdrop. Turn it into a card, send it to her next year. She'll choke on her sprouts.
  8. NeilW

    Buying house

    Not so much deposit size, rather the overall loan amount. The larger the loan, the better the rate. Having said that, rates are competitive here at present, so there are good rates to be had whether you are borrowing $100k or $1m.
  9. NeilW

    Buying house

    Yes, it is. I doubt it will be reduced in the short to medium term. As a general rule of thumb, you require 5% deposit, and 5% for costs (Stamp Duties, Conveyancing etc) as a minimum when purchasing in SA. Therefore if you have 10% of the purchase price saved, and you can service the debt, then you are well on the way. If you have more, then you can reduce the amount of Lenders Mortgage Insurance you pay. If you can throw in 20% of the property value, plus those 5% costs, then you won't pay any mortgage insurance at all.
  10. Following out move to Adelaide from Central Queensland, my wife has decided to finish up working as a professional photographer. As a result, we are selling our equipment, which would be suitable to someone upgrading to pro-level equipment, or for someone looking to start in the industry. The equipment is kept in meticulous condition, and is suitable for all types of photography except possibly sports photography. I have listed everything below. Please note the reflectors, bags, easels can be sold as separate items if required. Camera Equipment Canon EOS 1D Mark III Professional Camera Body Canon EF 70-200mm F/2.8L IS USM Telephoto Lens (Image Stabiliser) Canon EF 35mm F/1.4L USM Fixed Focal Lens Canon EF 17-40mm F/4L USM Wide Angle Lens Canon 580EX II Speedlite Flash Portable reflector Camera Bags Perspex album display holders (x2) (Suitable for Expo’s) Portable Easels for displaying canvases (Suitable for Expo’s) Total price $5250.00 Cheers, Neil
  11. NeilW

    Family day care costs

    As a rough estimate $75-90 range, with rebate reimbursing approximately 50% of the costs.
  12. NeilW

    Emergency services levy

    Humanity There is no difference between lining the pockets of big business (or trying to stimulate the economy using the private sector, either way) or lining the pockets of Unions.
  13. NeilW

    Emergency services levy

    Libs / Conservatives are historically the bad guys. Labour spend until there's nothing left, Libs reign everything back in. Nothing popular in cuts, but without the balance, the check (or cheque, in Labour's case) gets out of control.
  14. NeilW

    Emergency services levy

    Labour send out leaflet blaming the Liberals for a state tax increase. Surprise. The ALP have been in power for 35 of the last 49 years in SA. That's why your local taxes are hefty.
  15. Just a 'bump' to this message for anyone looking for a relatively competitive game on a Friday night in the Hills. Further details are at soccerdads.com.au cheers.

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