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  1. Great day out bit of thong flinging (try saying that when you've had a drink!) and cow pat throwing - all makes for great fun
  2. Kimbo

    Visa granted

    Congrulations enjoy the feeling - now the fun really starts
  3. Hi Joanne, first time been on in ages! Oops. How are you, hows things? We've been here 6 months now - where has that time gone!!! Loving it, miss home like mad sometimes, but all in all we're good. Kids have settled really well, George is working - I'm still a lady of leisure (shame that) but all is good. Look forward to hearing from you. Take care. Kim xx

  4. Hi Jo - lovely to hear from you. We're all really good thanks, settling in nicely, can't believe we've been here 7 weeks already, its flying by! Hope you're all good. Kim xx

  5. Hi Kim, congratulations on arriving in Adelaide, you must be sooooo excited. Hope you are all settling in well and kids with school, enjoy the rollercoaster that is now called home! Look forward to the updates, take care, Joanne x x

  6. Kimbo

    Visa Granted

    Congratulations, wish you all the best
  7. Hi Jo - hope you're all ok, how's things? We're here!!! Arrived a couple of weeks ago, George is working, finally got a rental in Hallett Cove, kids in school etc - so far so good! Keep in touch. Kim x

  8. Kimbo

    We're here!

    Its a couple of English guys who have just set up their own firm - Australian Window Solutions - not sure if they're setting on as they've only been up and running a few weeks - but you never know! Good luck
  9. Kimbo

    We're here!

    Hi - George is a carpenter by trade but he's fitting double glazing at the mo! Got a rental in Hallett Cove - right opposite Hallett Cove East Primary (which our youngest is going to) - move in next Friday - can't wait!
  10. Kimbo

    We're here!

    Well we've been here just a week yesterday - just about feeling "normal" sleep wise. George is already out at work - started today! I emailed loads of companies before we came out and this is one that came back to us, had an interview Monday and started today. So fingers crossed that continues. Done all the usual stuff of medicare, tfn's, sorted bank, joined the library, new sim cards and girls into schools etc etc - just trying to sort a rental now in Hallett Cove - blimey agents are very economical with the truth and boy do they photoshop pictures on the net!!! Looked at some "interesting" property thats for sure:err: Will keep you informed of how we get on. Kim x
  11. Kimbo

    I'm here

    Good luck with your interview - I'm just about feeling awake after being here a week!! All the best xx
  12. Safe journey hun, can't wait to catch up when you get here. Big, big hugs xxxxx

  13. We're looking for a rental in Hallett Cove if anyone knows of anything! Ta v muchly
  14. Kimbo

    Got our VISA!!!! woop woop!

    CONGRATULATIONS Fab news - wish you all the best, we fly out not long before you - can't wait!!
  15. Kimbo


    Yes we've just bought the extra strong nylon holdalls over suitcases as they're much lighter to start with!

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