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    Urgently looking for work

    A lot of jobs advertised seem to be through seek or indeed which only ask you to upload your Cv and cover letter which I spent plenty of time in getting right and also got my resume looked at too. I applied for an exams manager job at both flinders and Adelaide uni and worked hard on the application. I sent it back to my aunty who works in a uni to read over too, I couldn't of matched my application any closer to the job description and I didn't obtain an interview for either. I have done the same for two colleges too but again was unsuccessful. I have singed up with two recruitment agencies to get some casual temp work and they haven't managed to find me anything. I'll keep trying it's just getting me frustrated as I'm not sure what else I can do! And I am going slightly crazy, I am not used to not working. it was a novelty at first but now I'm getting bored and it gives me too much time to over think everything! X x
  2. Hi I have been here 3 months now and I still haven't managed to find a job. I have applied for at least 3 jobs a day and I have so far only managed to get 2 interviews and both jobs seemed to be commission based! in the uk I worked in a high school as examinations manager and school trips risk assessor. I have also worked as a debt management advisor. I have applied for office work, receptionist jobs, admin and even aldi but I don't seem to here back from anyone. I ideally want something part time to work around my daughter. If anyone knows of anywhere please let me know.. Thank you x x
  3. Kerriandcarl

    Great ocean road drive

    Hello has anyone done the Adelaide to Melbourne ocean road drive? We are thinkkng of driving to Melbourne and having a few nights there and then driving back the ocean road. Can anyone suggest any accommodation or a good part of the journey to make a stop off? it would be nice to hear from someone who has done it and to hear what you did and see. We are trying to plan it best we can. Also any suggestions of places to stay in Melbourne city? Thanks X
  4. Kerriandcarl

    Scouser living in a land down under!

    Hi natalieandjames, we've been here for 10 weeks now. I'm 26 and my partner is 28 we have a 6 year old girl too. Happy to meet up some time. What area you in? X
  5. Kerriandcarl

    Our first week in adelaide....

    Hi zeebeth, That doesn't sound good with regards to you job roles!! Hope you can secure something, this is our 4th week now and I haven't managed to find work either. I would try and stay longer than 4-6 weeks if you can afford I'm sure something will come up eventually. Would you consider doing another type of job whilst something came up? My partner is now working but neither of us had jobs When we applied for the rental. We went to the bank and printed out a bank statement to show we had enough money to cover bond and rent. We also shown mortgage statements from when we was in the UK to prove that we was decent payers too and they accepted our application straight away without any questions.. I think it might depend on which rental you find and how many applicants might of applied but we was worrying about it and it all worked out fine. We wa also worried about my partner finding work too and he was offered a job within the first week. Let eat us know once you arrive and we will meet up, we are in seaford :-) good luck with everything and see you soon x x
  6. Kerriandcarl

    Our first week in adelaide....

    Hi alex Its normal for your wife to be feeling nervous, I was exactly the same, it is such a big thing to do and moving away from everything you have always known is difficult but I just had to keep positive and think back at why I wanted to make the move in the first place.. And I feel less nervous when I think that it doesn't have to be forever if it doesn't work out. We are experiencing winter here so it's not great but I know come summer it will be totally different and I'm really excited for it. There seems to be so much to do and see in Adelaide which we haven't done yet so lots to look forward too. Send us a message once your over in sept and we will be more than happy to meet you for a beer / tea out and offer any advice. Good luck with everything, your brave coming over to do your reccie on your own! Everyone seems really friendly though so I'm sure you will be absolutely fine x
  7. Kerriandcarl

    Our first week in adelaide....

    Also.. I am really missing family and friends back home and do feel quite lonely at the moment.. Does anyone fancy meeting up? I am 26 and my partner is 28, we have a 6 year old daughter. We are happy to go bowling, our for tea, meet in the park or just have a few drinks at home or anything really. My partner starts work next week and I am worried about not having anything to do so I would be also up for joining any groups, gyms or just meet for a cuppa? X x
  8. Kerriandcarl

    Our first week in adelaide....

    Hi we arrived in adelaide just over a week ago and thought we would let people know how we are getting on. It is currently winter here and is very cold, seen rain the majority of our days here, however it has had a couple of nice days with the sun shining but really cold on a night and gets dark very early. Other than the weather we have achieved a lot, we set up Medicare, bought a car and sorted out our driving license. We are currently staying in Christies beach in a short term rental, we had a drive around areas and we really liked the look of hallet cove, however we couldn't find many rentals in that area so we viewed two properties in seaford which we also liked the look of. We put in an application for one of the rentals and it was accepted- we get the keys next weekend :-) My partner had one job interview and got the job, he is a carpenter, he starts on Monday. (not sure if it was luck but it only took him one week to find a job), me on the other hand hasnt found work yet, I've applied for two jobs but not heard anything as of yet, I'm looking for office work. We are still looking at some schools for my 6 year old, I haven't found the right one yet. Other than that things seem to be going well for us. Either of us have never been to Adelaide before.. I will be honest about our first impressions (Bare in mind we have arrived in winter).. We find it it quite old fashioned, I do feel like I have gone back in time slightly but in a way I kind of like it. It is hard to say if Adelaide is for us yet.. I Feel summer time will be good here but to be honest winter is not that good, but much better than our UK winter, we spent the day in the park the other day and it was beautiful. . It is a huge change for us and we are taking one day at a time, it's early days yet but we have been successful in what we have done so far and I have a feeling things can only get better... Excited to see what awaits us over the next few months x x
  9. Kerriandcarl

    Carpenter Jobs

    Hi All I arrive in Adelaide in just over a week and I am looking for Carpentry work. If anyone has any work available or could offer me any advice on how to find work then that would be really helpful. Many Thanks Carl
  10. Kerriandcarl

    Help / Advice - 2 month to go before we emigrate

    We have booked our flights. We fly in the 9th July and are having 4 nights in Dubai then straight into Adelaide. We are staying in a temporary rental in port noarlunga and will look around suburbs once we arrive and decide on where to stay for our longer rental. Can anyone advise on good cheap car rental places? Xx
  11. Kerriandcarl

    Drinks Friday 19th June in Adelaide CBD

    Hi karen this sounds fab!! I don't arrive in Adelaide until 12th July :-( however if you plan another night in the next month or so I'll definitely be there!! Enjoy x x
  12. hey gemma good to hear from a Yorkshire lass! We are from Halifax and was over in Leeds yesterday. We fly to Adelaide on the 9th July so keep in touch, would be good to meet. Can imagine it being hard work when your at home on your own when you still don't know your bearings. Do you like Adelaide? X x
  13. Kerriandcarl

    Help / Advice - 2 month to go before we emigrate

    Thanks for the advice Snifter. We are booking our flights this Saturday, we move out of our house tomorrow so we will also be shipping our things off soon too!! We would like a stop off for a few days, maybe Dubai but we will see what works out the cheapest to fly to and from etc. How are things in Adelaide for you? xx
  14. Kerriandcarl

    Good news if transferring money

    We will be transferring some funds next week!! hope it stays this good x x
  15. Kerriandcarl

    Help / Advice - 2 month to go before we emigrate

    Thank you jessica . That's very useful. Looks like he will be doing it again then when we arrive.. Poor Carl haha. We are packing up our things as we move out of our property this week and are booking our flights at the weekend argh!!!!

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