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  1. C4rlyb

    Hallett cove is winning!

    Hi guys, we we arrived in Adelaide on Thursday and after house hunting non stop have also decided on hallet cove or sheidow park. Hallet cove has a lot of very feel to it and the shops / transport and amenities are all good. Beach is not great but only 5 mins drive to port Noarlunga beach which is lovely. Kids have been there everyday so far! Houses in hallet cove are of a good standard and reasonable rental prices. Definitely one of our top choices. Maybe meet up with you if you decide it's the area for you when you arrive? carly x
  2. Hi my name is Carly and I'm in my 30's. Will be moving over to adelaide early march with my family and would love to meet up with people so will def be up for getting together! x
  3. C4rlyb

    new friends :)

    Hi Aimee & Finn, Have just been reading back through your original posts. I know it was a while back and I'm sure you have both made lots of friends by now but I was wondering if you would be interested in chatting with my daughter Abbie via email - she is 13 and we are moving over to Adelaide in mid-March 2015. It would be really great if you would as it would be good for her to chat to kids her age who have been through a similar experience and also to make a few friends before we move over who she could potentially meet up with? If you would be interested please do ask you parents (Finn I believe your mum / dad has already PM'd me once or twice) to PM me and I will send them through mine and Abbie's email addresses. I will PM this message to your parents as well for safety etc. Hope you had a great xmas and have a fab new year. Hope to hear from you soon. Take care Carly
  4. C4rlyb

    Arrival planned for June 2015

    Hi ya, We fly over in march too - probably 14th / 15th. We were going to stay other my parents in Sydney first but are going to go straight to SA now so kids can settle in schools etc. you are going to NT first aren't you? If I remember rightly? Yes I think time is going to run away with us actually!! Carly
  5. C4rlyb

    Little Athletics

    This sounds fantastic - my youngest 2 will definitely be interested! Will check out all the details when we arrive in Adelaide March 2015!! Thanks x
  6. C4rlyb

    Arrival planned for June 2015

    Just wanted to say merry xmas and wish all those moving to Adelaide in the upcoming months a fantastic new year, all the best for the move and good luck with the preparations. I know my family and I are trying to enjoy our last few days of relaxation before the craziness of the new year starts and the final preparations are made! Hope to chat with you all on here soon and look forward to meeting with you when we all arrive in Adelaide! take care Carly, Chris, Abbie(13),Kian(10) and Jaimie(8) xxxx
  7. Hi all, thank you for your replies. Tamara, any additional info you may have on what your OH does within the fire service that would be great. I have an assessor qualification and IQA qualification already so if Chris needed to do that it would be fairly easy to organise. He is just Firefighter rank although has been acting up as crew manager for past year or so. Do you know of any fire equipment companies that we could contact at all? Doug - that would be brilliant thank you, what does your friend do? Linda - well done you that's fantastic news. I had my qualifications assessed with ACECQA last year and am equivalent of diploma level 4. I would need to go back to uni to top up my degree to obtain teacher status so may try and do that once I get to Adelaide. Sounds promising though and good to know that Early Years jobs are readily available. If you need any help with the ACECQA application let me know I am currently helping one of our ex learners who has moved to Melbourne and is trying to get hers done at the moment. when are you hoping to move and settle in Adelaide? Thanks again x
  8. C4rlyb

    Dental treatment advice

    Thank you so much for all of your replies - really useful information. I wasn't aware of the school dentist so that's great. Will also check out smile as well. Looks like health care is going to be quite expensive for us as I wear glasses and so does my daughter! Thanks again x
  9. Hi, We are moving to Adelaide in March 2015 and would love to get our children in contact with others of a similar age who have recently moved countries and may be able to offer them support and friendship. Abbie is 13, Kian is 10 and Jaimie is 8 so similar ages to your children. Would you be interested in them getting in contact with one another? I think it would really help my children to feel more confident about the move. Let me know if you would be interested. thanks
  10. C4rlyb

    Dental treatment advice

    Hi, myself and my family will be moving to Adelaide in March 2015. My 13 yr old daughter currently has braces and will need to continue treatment for these when we move. Does anyone know of any good orthodontists / dentists i close to Seaview Downs area that I could get in touch with? Also what are the dental costs like? Is it better to take up a private dental plan? Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thank you Visa granted 07/10/2014 Flights booked for 14/03/2015 Carly - Quality Assurance / Childcare trainer & Assessor Chris - Firefighter Abbie - 13 yrs old Kian - 10 yrs old Jaimie - 8 yrs old
  11. Hello All, My family and I will be emigrating to Adelaide from the UK in March 2015. My other half has been a Firefighter in the London Fire Brigade for 13 years now and is keen to get back into the fire service in SA. Does anyone have any information or advice on potential recruitment drives for the SA fire service? He would also be interested in employment within the Fire Safety & Security sector or Fire Safety Training. Does anyone know of any companies he could contact or have any advice on what areas if employment he could explore in case the Fire Service are not recruiting for a while? As for myself, I have worked in the Early Years sector for about 15 years and worked my way up to co- managing a crèche in a major shopping centre in the UK. I have also been a Childcare Assessor at a training company for over 8 years and have been working as Lead Internal Quality Assurer (IQA/IV) in the company For the last 4 years. I have a level 4 diploma in Early Years and a degree in Childhood and Youth studies. I would be very interested in finding a position within a childcare training organisation in SA if anyone has any advice, guidance or useful information I would be grateful. I am also happy to go back into aChildcare environment as a nursery / day care assistant. Would also welcome chatting with anyone employed in theEarly Years sector. We are looking to live in the Seaview Downs area but am happy to travel for work, so location is flexible. look forward to reading your responses. Thanks Visa granted 07/10/2014 Flights booked for 14/03/2015 Carly - Quality Assurance / Childcare trainer & Assessor Chris - Firefighter Abbie - 13 yrs old Kian - 10 yrs old Jaimie - 8 yrs old
  12. C4rlyb

    Seaview High School

    Hi, we are also looking at this school for our 13 yr old. Would be interested to read any more recent reviews on the school and be interested in speaking with anyone who has children there already. Visa granted 07/10/2014 Flights booked for 14/03/2015 Carly - Quality Assurance / Childcare trainer & Assessor Chris - Firefighter Abbie - 13 yrs old Kian - 10 yrs old Jaimie - 8 yrs old
  13. C4rlyb

    Arrival planned for June 2015

    Hi everyone, We will be moving to Adelaide mid March - April next year and would love to be part of your network group. It is a very exciting but daunting time and its great to have the support of others in the same position. It would also be good to get the children in contact with others too as they are keen to make friends. We are potentially looking at the Seaview Downs area for properties, the schools also look really nice around there. Does anyone else know much about this area or have any advice on the best areas for families / schools etc? Look forward to chatting with you all, Visa granted 07/10/2014 Flights booked for 14/03/2015 Carly - Quality Assurance / Childcare trainer & Assessor Chris - Firefighter Abbie - 13 yrs old Kian - 10 yrs old Jaimie - 8 yrs old

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