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  1. Have a look at Marion outdoor pool. We sometimes go there in the summer and always have a great day http://www.marion.sa.gov.au/swimming-centre

    Life for 475 visa holders in SA

    Hi, We (family of four) arrived on 475 visa in 2009. We were a bit worried before we arrived about the limitations of this visa but have to say we never encountered any. Both my husband and I found employment and neither of our employers even queried that we were only on provisional visas. We bought a house albeit we had to get FIRB permission but this was a very simple process. The only down side we encountered was that you are not entitled to any child care rebate, but we understood this from the start. I was surprised at how well Medicare covered us - we did take out health insurance, but we still have it now as permanent residents. Applying for PR was a simply on line process too. For us arriving on a 475 visa was not a problem, and we are now looking to become citizens and then we can hopefully close the book on all immigration procedures! Good luck to all those making the move on any visa. For us it has been so worth it - although hard work, seeing how happy our children are (the main reason we did it in the first place) is more than justification.


    Have just sent you a message. Thanks julie
  4. We recently stayed at the paradise resort in surfers paradise. Not flash but good or families. Has entertainment, nice pools and reasonably priced food. Right outside is a bus stop where you can catch buses to all the parks. Rooms a little bit old in decor (think they were doing some up) but our room was always perfectly cleaned. We had a great time there. Happy children = happy mum and dad!
  5. Hi, we didn't have to fill out any forms when we went a couple of months ago. We just took along a copy of the visa grant email for each of us and that was all. The lady just took copy's and gave us a new temporary ticket. Our cards arrived shortly after. Julie

    Contributory parent visas

    Thank you so much for your advice. I will take you up on your offer of advice for sure. We are hoping to try and arrange everything for mum and dad from here as might be a bit much for them. Your advice that they can come out once they have applied is fantastic news.

    Contributory parent visas

    Hi, we were hoping mum and dad could apply whilst they were in australia recently, but due to some things beyond our control this was not possible. Mum and dad are now back in the uk and looking to start their application. Does anyone know if they can apply in the uk and then come out whilst they wait for their visa to be granted? Thanks

    Emigrating tomorrow!!!

    Best of luck to you all as you start your adventure. Goodbyes are tough but exciting times ahead!

    Kids terrible behaviour

    We went through similar with our then 9year old. Didn't have problems at school but she certainly made up for it at home. We thought it was probably due to the massive change and I am sure the constant driving around in the first few days didn't help. Like said before, she did start to relax a bit more once our things arrived but it wasn't a quick fix. Thankffully she is back to "normal" now, just have to get through the teenage years now!
  10. Hi, we applied on line at the end of November and only received approval on Monday this week. We thought ours would come through quicker as everything was pretty straight forward and uploaded everthing at the time of our application. Guess it just depends on who picks up your file. I know how frustrating the wait is, our status updated on the immigration website first then we received an email the next day. Hope you won't be waiting too much longer.

    Hallettt Cove Area

    Hi there, We started in Hallett Cove too and loved it. We now live just across the road in Sheidow Park. I would wait until you get here to have a look around the schools in the area, there are 3 in Hallett Cove alone. That way you can get a proper feel for the schools. We choose the R-12 and glad to say both our children love it and have made some great friends. Know people whose children go to to the South school and the East school and their children are just as happy there so think it will really come down to what feels right for you and your children. At least by waiting until you get here you will have a better idea of where you will settle longer term and start at a school that the children can establish themselves at. Hope all goes well for you. Julie

    Aged Parent Visa - Agent Advice Wanted

    Have had a read through the post as you suggested, and want to say thank you - very helpful. Think this would be the best (and quickest) way for mum and dad to join us. I am right is assuming, they would come out on a tourist visa and then apply whilst they were here? Thanks again for all you help and advice
  13. Hi there, My parents are seriously considering making the move over to SA to join my sister and I around the middle of 2012. Mum will be 69 and Dad 74, and we are not sure which visa they should go for. They meet the family balance requirement and both are fit and healthy. I would like to have a chat with a migration agent who can point us in the right direction of which visa and how we should apply. Can anyone reccomend anyone in or around Adelaide. Mum and Dad are relying on my sister and I to advise them and want to make sure that we make the right choices. Thanks

    Awaiting your 887?

    Congratulations to you all - I am so happy for you!

    475 to Permanent

    Thanks Odette ... just unsure whether to risk staying on new medication. We had a lovely Christmas and New Year thank you - hope you did too. See you soon xx

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