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  1. Sophie91

    Holiday ideas for Asia

    Hello we are travelling back to England in June for a family wedding, Me and my partner were hoping for a holiday of our own this year. Can anyone suggest places in Asia to holiday on the way back from England preferably with direct flights in between. Want something beachside and relaxing, thanks in advance
  2. Hello my partner is the main visa applicant on our 457 he's sponsored, I know that I don't have any restrictions on how long I can work somewhere being part of his visa but I wanted to know is it possible for me to own a business whilst on a 457 or do I need to be a permanent resident first?
  3. Sophie91

    Change in career

    Hello I moved to Adelaide with my partner just over 6 months ago, I'm currently a store manager of a coffee shop. I have been considering for a while a change in career. I'm on a 457 visa at the moment looking to turn that into pr eventually. I've started to look into training in real estate, has anyone else recently changed careers or anyone currently work in real estate that could give me some advice. Very confused on what to do, don't want to risk leaving a job that I'm good at to potentially be going from job to job as I don't make the right choice!
  4. Sophie91

    Luggage travelling to UK

    Hello I am having to make a quick visit back to England on my own next week as my Grandad sadly passed away and want to be there to say goodbye. I am flying from Adelaide to Dubai then to Birmingham, I have a short connecting time for my next flight which is under two hours. My question is will my checked baggage be transferred onto my connecting flight without me having to collect and check in again. might seem like a stupid question but I am new to flying on my own and long haul. thanks
  5. Sophie91

    Sydney NYE2015

    Hello Me and my partner want to go Sydney New Years with my parents who are visiting at the time. We think it will be a great way to round off our first year living in Australia. Any one done this before and got any advice and a good afforadable area to stay the night and not to far to see the fireworks at midnight and maybe a good area to watch them from. Thanks
  6. Hey I've been here just over three weeks and started work this week, would be nice to meet some people that I don't work with but think it will be hard.
  7. Sophie91

    Here for nearly a week

    Glad your enjoying it, we have been here 3 weeks now and love it. Both started work this week just got to get to know people and wait for our things from the uk
  8. Sophie91

    Our Journey so far

    Me and my partner moved here two weeks ago now, we both love Adeliade. He starts work Monday, there has been lots of ups and down but mainly ups. Found it hard at first to get our heads round how the rental market works over here. We have just moved into a place in Northgate, so many nice places around but Northgate stood out for us.
  9. Sophie91

    Places to rent

    Hello everyone me and my partner arrived in Adelaide this Thursday are stopping in a hotel for the time being. We are looking for somewhere to rent ideally atleast 2 bedrooms and couple of car parking spaces, my partner will be working in regency park and I would be hoping to work either in the City or at a shopping centre near by. We've been having a drive round looking at a few suburbs today, we looked at semaphore, west lakes and hope valley. Where you suggest would be ideal for what we're looking at and also how quick can you usually get moved in? thanks
  10. Sophie91

    New to adelaide_ how are you finding it

    Hello Me and my partner are moving to Adelaide 4th March, very nervous and excited now. Not sure where we're going to rent to start with, his employer are putting us up somewhere for the first week so we can get everything sorted. Really hope we settle in well
  11. Sophie91

    Visa granted

    Hope you don't have to wait too long, we thought we'd have atleast another few weeks to get things sorted. Good luck x
  12. Sophie91

    Visa granted

    after the sponsorship had already been accepted once the recruitment company submitted our visa applications it took just a week to be confirmed! Wasn't expecting that quick.
  13. Sophie91

    Who to fly with?

    Hello Me and my partner have not long secured our 457 visas and were now going to book our flights, we live in Birmingham and flying to Adelaide first week of March. Any advice on which airline is good to fly with and websites or comparison sites that could get a good deal with? when you travelled to Oz what baggage allowance did you get and how did you bring Laptops out as don't wont to ship over .
  14. Sophie91

    Visa granted

    Thank you were very excited and nervous now. My partner is the main visa applicant so the company have now got to arrange his start date with him now, we should fly over end of February. I'm hoping I should find work pretty quickly as work in hospitality. Hope your move goes well tomorrow, are they providing accommodation for you when you get there?

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