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    Secondary Schools

    why don't you check out the schools that are involved with the IGNITE program. There are three in Adelaide area. My daughter is on the program at Aberfoyle Park High school., but there are a couple of other schools in middle of Adelaide and also in the North. The program caters for children with high academic ability and allows you to .live outside catchment are for the school. Would recommend you check out the system here with respect to your son. He really needs to complete year 12 and his GCSE will only give him as much as year 10 anyways so would need to complete year 11 and 12. They may give him credits for his GCSE's.
  2. cardmakerex65

    Not long now......

    sweet. your time line is pretty much the same as ours!!!
  3. cardmakerex65

    Furnished Rentals: Homes Down Under Availability.

    I really wish your places were empty Tamara.
  4. cardmakerex65

    Not long now......

    Starting off in Aldinga, where are you going?
  5. cardmakerex65

    Not long now......

    we arrive on 20th Feb, so not far behind you.
  6. cardmakerex65

    State school fees

    My daughters school has also said she needs to have an iPad, but there are no school fees to pay the year they enter because of having to buy the iPad
  7. cardmakerex65

    Useful links for schools, primary and high school

    We are looking at Aberfoyle Park for our daughter. She has completed year 8 with level 7's. They are going to look at putting her in the IGNITE program with a view to going to Flinders for Science and Maths in year 10. By going into year 9 in January it will give her the chance to settle down after the move before going on with her studies. Might be worth letting your son do the same. The IGNITE program runs for year 8 and 9 students.
  8. cardmakerex65

    Adelaide cricket revolution?

    oh to have arrived by November. Can't wait to come over and see the cricket. I hate footie so being in Adelaide will allow me to really enjoy the cricket. Can't wait.
  9. cardmakerex65

    aberfoyle park

    Hi just seen this, does anyone have any opinions on this area?? It looks just like we would be looking for. We are not in a position to move forward with it, but would like some advise on the area please. Many thanks in advance. http://www.realestate.com.au/property-house-sa-aberfoyle+park-119356979
  10. cardmakerex65

    190 visa granted today

    Yanda, unfortunately you will probably have to wait til the 1st july now since all further processing of 190 visas have been suspended until after 1st july. but just hang in there it will come through.
  11. cardmakerex65

    190 visa granted today

    We only had 60 points when the state nomination was approved, so we put in the eoi and applied for the nomination at the same time. You have to put the eio in to get a reference number for state sponsorship and state on the eoi you want sponsorship from SA. Check out this for details. http://www.migration.sa.gov.au/skilled-migrants/nomination-process/skilled-nomination-requirements
  12. cardmakerex65

    In the UK a week

    fancy a coffee?
  13. cardmakerex65

    In the UK a week

    Where are you eating then??? we had a lovely meal at the Pan Assian BBQ the other day and not expensive at all. £30:00 for both of us for 3 course meal. Sorry about the rain. Look out for the flooding!!!
  14. cardmakerex65

    In the UK a week

    where are you Nobby?
  15. cardmakerex65

    In the UK a week

    Sorry we didnt crank the sun up for you Nobby. Hope you enjoy your visit.

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