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Found 60 results

  1. Guest

    24 hours in and wanted to brag

    HUBI and I arrived in adelaide last night, from London. Call it jet lag but I just wanted to say hello. We are staying near Hutt Street for 6 or so weeks until the shipping container arrives. It took months to get everything organised, house let, packing, flights booked, the kitten injected and his flights booked, etc etc. and now it is like the reverse needs doing, discover the area, find a rental, make new friends, find a Virgin Active equivalent gym. The HUBI starts his new job Wednesday, so if anyone would like to meet up, just yell. About us: professional couple. No kids. Late 30s/Early 40s. Love to travel.
  2. Hi everyone... I just moved in Adelaide with my partner. I am looking for a dentist with experience. One of my molars starts to be too sensitive to cold. The tooth was already fixed some years ago and I'm afraid I need a root canal but I need a good dentist to check it. I checked the cost of a root canal treatment and it's crazy!!. Any advice will be welcome PS: I'm in the CBD but no problem to go if the dentist worth it.
  3. Me again - tummy did a flip this morning on viewing our ss tracker - its added another line, but we have no idea what (if anything) this means! Wondered if those of you who have gone through it could shed any light: [TABLE=class: application-details] [TR] [TD]Nominated Occupation:[/TD] [TD]Secondary School Teacher[/TD] [TD][/TD] [TD][/TD] [/TR] [TR] [/TR] [/TABLE] [TABLE] [TR=class: head] Application Process Milestone Date [/TR] [TR] [TD=colspan: 2]Online Application Completed & Submitted[/TD] [TD]12 Jul 2011[/TD] [/TR] [TR] [TD=colspan: 2] Complete Set of Documents Received by Immigration SA Office [/TD] [TD] 18 Jul 2011 [/TD] [/TR] [TR] [TD=colspan: 2]Application Assessed [/TD] [TD]Immigration SA is unable to provide an indication of processing times. Keep monitoring this page and your e-mail for the decision on your application.[/TD] [/TR] [TR] [TD=colspan: 2]Application Decision[/TD] [TD]No Decision yet[/TD] [/TR] [TR] [TD=colspan: 3][/TD] [/TR] [/TABLE] The new bit is the 'Application Decision' line (and I'm sure the line above said 'Application being assessed' or something more in present tense than that as well) - that wasn't there yesterday! Does it mean they have finished assesing our paperwork and are now just keeping what they have decided from us until they feel its the right time to tell us?! As that would be super super fast - so I can't quite believe that would be right!! Argh, this is awful isn't it!! Thank you to anyone that can put me out of our misery!
  4. My name is Elle Whyatt and I own a company in Adelaide called Running In Heels. I have been approached by a UK Production Company who are looking to cast expat Brits, who are about to move, or are currently living in Adelaide and want to buy a home. Please see below. CHANNEL 4 IS ON THE HUNT FOR BRITS TO APPEAR IN A BRAND NEW PROPERTY SHOW. IF YOU HAVE RECENTLY MOVED TO AUSTRALIA AND STRUGGLING TO FIND YOUR DREAM AUSSIE HOME WE COULD HAVE THE ANSWER. WE HAVE A TEAM OF PROFESSIONAL HOME FINDERS READY TO HELP YOU WITH THE LEGWORK. WE’LL AIM TO FIND YOUR IDEAL HOME AND EVEN HELP BROKER THE DEAL … If this sounds like you, please contact me on 1800 700 406 or 0405 100 744, my email is elle@runninginheels.com.au
  5. Hi there! As I will settle myself in Adelaide, very soon, I would like to know more about what an artist can do for living in Adelaide. I am an electronic music composer/producer under the name of Alpha Sounds and I intend to continue doing this either as a main job or as a hobby... I would like to discuss in general, about any artist/entertainer and about all the possibilities Adelaide offers for that kind of people. Any opinion will be greatly appreciated. Thank you!
  6. Hi all, looking for any help and advice. Myself, OH and 1 year old looking to emigrate to Australia, preferably Adelaide. OH is a graphic designer with over 10 years experience and a HND. We are looking for an employer to sponsor him. We are happy to pay for the visa, flights, re location fees and all other costs incurred we just need a job offer so we can apply for a 457 visa. Does anyone know of a design agency willing to sponsor? All that we have come across seem reluctant. Please help!!
  7. Dear all, I have been offered tentatively a position in September at the University of Adelaide. I am looking into childcare as I don't want to leave my little girl with just anyone. She will be 2 by this time. I went to see a carer yesterday and to say I was HORRIFIED is an understatement. I could not believe this carer was accredited - the house was dirty, too small for her numbers, and T.V.s were in every room, cats milling about. Horrid. Anyway, I was wondering if anyone had any recommendations? We will likely be living in Broadview, so ideally somewhere near there. We have an amazing carer in the UK that basically treats my little girl as part of her family and that is what I am keen for. An alternative is we use the University of Adelaide childcare centre, but first impressions (by email) are not great. Any help appreciated. I am really anxious about this. Thank you, Sarah
  8. Tourism Australia have some videos on You Tube. Thought some people might like to take a peek at the highlights of Aus so to speak. My hubby sent me the link to the national one and simply said 'Shall we?'. Some of the places shown are on our bucket list of places for us to to visit together/as a family in Aus. And if you click this link below you'll see a few more short ads including ones for Adelaide city, the Adelaide Hills, the Murray river and Barossa Valley http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL2E771820199177E5&feature=plcp Tourism Australia's Latest Ad http://youtube/3pOVfJwBd5s South Australia's latest ad http://youtube/Jr2dusyz1iw Kangaroo Island http://youtube/kp4NGShh944 There's nothing like Australia: South Australia. http://youtube/FoBxq8lB2iY
  9. I admit it, I am homesick. I want to go home. I miss my local area, my friends and, most of all, my home. I miss knowing where everything is, I miss the public transport, the people - even the TV shows that I watch. I miss the weather, the food, the language, the bloody politicians and the newspapers. Oh GOD! I need to get back to Adelaide. It is lovely in Singapore, I am having a fabulous honeymoon with my wonderful hubby but...... I want to be at home; which is now Adelaide (well, Glenelg to be exact). Funny, innit? Who'd a thunk that only 5 months after arriving in Oz I could already miss it when I went away? Anyway, we leave tomorrow, arrive back in Adelaide on Sat morning and that will be our PR activated - after that, I never need to leave Oz again. Phew. As the old saying goes, home is where the heart is. Australia has stolen my heart and is refusing to give it back. That suits me just fine. See you soon. Rachel xxx
  10. Hi All, We're moving to Adelaide, arriving 9th March and are looking for furnished accommodation initially for two weeks, after that we'll looking for a longer term rental. There are five of us, two adults and three children. Not realising the Festival and Fringe are on I'd not booked anywhere, thinking I could do it soon before arrival but now I'm trying to find somewhere and finding everywhere is booked up. So I'm really hoping someone can help out and let me know if they know anywhere in Adelaide where I can find furnished accommodation for four/five from around March 9th, though I could be flexible on the date if necessary. Thanks! Stuart.
  11. Kacymru

    My experience of PIA website....

    Thought it might be useful for any newbies to hear about other people's experiences with PIA... I joined in January 2011 when I arrived in Adelaide on a working holiday visa, I wasn't sure what to expect at first as I've always joined social networks but, obviously, been careful to limit the information that I give out (safety first kids!!). Anyway, my experiences on PIA have been very positive, I've managed to meet some brilliant friends through here and have always received good advice from people on here. If you want to meet new people then go ahead and attend one of the meet ups (there's always plenty of them happening). I've found that whether you're here on your own or you have family with you, there's always someone that can relate and they are always happy to meet up and talk about their experiences. Moving to a new country can sometimes be full of bumps and surprises and it can also be a bit lonely....but, in my experience, there's always a few people on here that can relate to that. So don't be shy - get to know some people, introduce yourself; tell them where you're from, who you're with, what your hobbies and interests are and ENJOY the experience, I know I did (yes, it is nerve wracking waiting in a cafe or pub to meet someone that you've only spoken to on a website - but I can honestly say that it was all worth it and I have some brilliant friends to show for it). Godd luck!! Karen x
  12. My name is Sebastian, 29 y.o., single, systems engineer and moving from Córdoba, Argentina to Adelaide, Australia. I just booked my flight and guess what..... it's a flight of 30 hours!! I'll need to do some excessive when I get there hehe. My plan is going to a hostel for the first week until I know the city better and any help or people who I can talk with when I get there it will be very welcome
  13. Hi all I'm a Pom and I've been in Oz for a year (today!) and I'm struggling to meet people my age in the area I currently live in. At the moment, my Aussie husband and I live in Coffin Bay - a beautiful part of Oz but hardly a social hotbed for anyone under 60! (No offence intended to those 60+!) We are thinking about moving to Adelaide (possibly to one of the suburbs such as Mount Barker?) and would love to know if there are people out there who are a similar age to me (34), and my husband (35), so we can get a feel for the place before we make a decision about whether to move there or not. We are both very sociable people, love having a barbie, being outdoors, watching sports, taking the dog and kids out (husband has a 3yr old boy and 4yr old girl from his previous relationship), having people round for dinner and a chat etc. I'm 5 months pregnant so wild party nights out aren't an option at the moment! My husband has moved around Oz a lot as he was in the Navy and then a Police Officer with SAPOL for 10yrs. Therefore his friends are spread all over Oz. He's missing the friendships and social life of being a copper so if there are any coppers/ex-coppers/military/ex-military out there, feel free to get in touch! He's a typical Aussie so he's more than happy to go for a beer or kick a footie about! It would be nice to chat to people who can give me an idea of what it's like to live in/around Adelaide and maybe make a few friends before we move. I'm looking forward to moving to an area where there will be more people our age and more things for us to do! Lou x
  14. Loving that it's the weekend and there's so much to do here in RAdelaide!!! http://kacymru.wordpress.com/2012/01/13/friday-feeling-german-fun-soft-drink-addiction/
  15. Guest

    Adelaide for Xmas :)

    Hi Guys Been on the site for a while now but haven't posted anything yet so heres the first! My Partner and I are moving to Adelaide early/mid December!!! We cannot wait as have been going through the process now for what seems like AGES!! Partner is coming over on a 457 visa and I'm just on a WHV but hoping to get added to his 457 after a few months of being there! Has anyone else been through this process? We've just started applying for rented accommodation as we know what area we will be living in now, which is another step in the right direction is there any other sites, other than real estate, that anyone else has used? We've also been looking for short term rentals but as we're arriving just before Xmas, its not the best time to be looking for something more permanent! Nice to know we are leaving England as the weather is getting much colder now! Can't wait for a sunny christmas, even if it will be a little strange!! Also, does anyone know of any dance groups (just for fun)? Be nice to make some friends who have similar interests See you all soon
  16. Guest

    Daewoo Cielo GL 1996

    Daewoo Cielo GL 1996, Silver, 4 Cyl 1.5l 5-Speed Manual Hatchback, 169,000 kms, 3 Door, Regassed A/C, Reconditioned Brakes, New Master Cylinder 28/10/2011, Good run-around, large boot, economical, 9 Months Rego available, great first car... $2,990 for quick sale
  17. Hi, my name is Sam, I'm 25, I've been offered a new job in Adelaide and will be moving there at the end of November. I've joined pomsinadelaide to maybe make some friends and potentially meet some like minded pommes down under. Does anyone know of a good place to get a flat share sorted, I'm reluctant to get a house straight away on my own til I get to know the place a bit better for a short term period, but will do if it comes to it, as I won't be able to see it til I get there. I believe I will be working in the city centre if this makes any difference, so will want to be in close proximity to the centre of Adelaide. Also, I've not been to Australia before, anyone got any tips on typical British things that I could take into the office on the first day to put a smile on their faces? Thanks in advance
  18. Hi myself and my OH have just moved to Adelaide I'm on a 457 and he's on a WHV I'm just wondering if there are any painters in the area that have work going... He's a fully qualified painter and he's been doing some scouting around and most people want someone on a sub-contracting basis which is fine if nothing else comes along but if anyone has any work on time or knows anyone who might then it would be great!! We're currently in the southwest suburbs of Adelaide, cheers!! Caz and Bren
  19. Me: Over the moon, OMG i can't wait. Plans: Umm.. Well.. 1: Book a flight 2: Get an Aussie bank account 3: Not sure, maybe some1 can help me? I believe i want to buy a backpack, start in Adelaide, work at fruit-picking jobs in the Hills, then travel a bit. I am only 19, only ever dreamed of doing this. Any tips, and i mean any would be greatly appreciated. Plan to arrive in Adelaide 2nd week of August (I think). Please tell me everything you know about Australia /Chris
  20. Guest

    Here we go...

    Hey, Just wanted to say a quick Hi! Myself and my OH are at the starting line for our application for Oz. We have decided (with a little encouragement from the SMPs ) that Adelaide is the place to be! We have hired an agent and in the process of getting OH stuff together for skills assessment! Really sociable and hoping to make a few friends before we get out there to ease the pressure. Been having a little wonder around forums and everyone here seems lovely and helpful, even more than PIO! Hope to get chatting with you all soon! Jade x
  21. Hi, We sell customized cupcakes and cakes for all occasions. Do find and contact us from Facebook - > Prancing Piggies
  22. I'll try and keep this short(ish). Like most others having become increasingly fed up with life in the UK and having 'casually' researched the possibility over recent months a quirk of fate has made the possibility of emigrating to Australia become a reality and we are seriously considering making the move. Having researched a few of the major cities and surrounding suburbs we are keen on Adelaide from what we've seen. We are a family of 4 with two sons both aged under 7. It is looking likely that I will be able to obtain a job based on my skills in Australia and more specifically Adelaide. My wife is a Teacher (Secondary/High School) and from what I've seen she would be able to find work relatively easily (?). I suppose what I'm asking for is: - Similar stories of small/young families making the move in recent years - Are Teaching jobs easy/hard to come by - Areas/Suburbs to consider/avoid - Quality of schooling - Any hints/tips/advice on anything relevant - Most importantly the lifestyle, after all this is the main reason for the move - One word to best describe South Australian or Adelaide Life. Thanks in anticipation. Ross Family
  23. Boxertony

    Boxertony 1 Year Update......

    On the 10th February 2011, my family and I have been in Adelaide for one year. Wow! one year it just seems like it was yesterday when we landed, does time travel faster in the land downunder or what? Ummmm! What a year it has been! We had our house up for sale for 6 months but it was not selling, so after speaking to a fellow member of this website in November 2009 at 11:30pm UK time. I decided, sod it! Lets just go, we have our visa's, the house is not going to sell, lets rent it. So we rented the house to a lady aged 59 years old with custody of her two small grandchildren. My parents gave me £2000.00 for the flights and we booked them for the 8th February 2011. I started telling the contacts I had made regarding jobs I have been semi offerred, e.g. MINDA, that we are on our way. Wait for this now! Our family of five consiting of my wife and I, son aged 20, daughters aged 16 and 11 arrived in adelaide with £5000.00, just under $11,000. We did not bring any furniture with us. We had already had a furnished house sorted in Seaton for $750 per week, all bills inclusive. We arrived at 12 noon, by the time of 6pm that day, we had sorted out the banks, a big shop and hired a car. The next day we sorted our tax file numbers, bought a car, got all members of the family a mobile phone and pay as you go internet. The third day we had been here I walked on Glenelg beach in 37c heat and could not believe that we live here. From the third day of being here in Adelaide, it was my home, I never looked back, I never converted the $ to the £. I embraced the life of a aussie. By the end of the week Jane my wife had a start date for job on the Cancer Ward at Calvary North Hospital, because money was scarce she had to start within two weeks of arriving. We moved from Seaton to Ferryden Park, had to pay $3,000 bond and rent and no furniture. We furnished the house with the following: 3 Queen Size Beds with Mattresses 6 Bedside Tables 2 x 2 Seater Bed Settee's 2 x TV Units 2 x Coffee Tables 2 x Lamp Tables 1 x 7 seater dining room table set. Costing us $1,660.00 brand new from Super A Mart (Gepps Cross) 1 x Freezer 1 x Fridge Freezer Both costing $650 with delivery from Harvey Normans (Gepps Cross) Many friends who we had met, lent us culterly, blankets, washing machine, blow up beds and TV. I had been offerred 11 jobs, within two weeks of being in Adelaide. Great start. I decided to take the job at MINDA, but had to do my Australian First Aid and get my Skills Assessed again. In the meanwhile I gained a job at De Poi, as a Rehabilitation Consultant (WorkCover), the money was great, but I worked with 67 horrible women, I hated the job. I was constantly called into the office saying I fart to much, do I have a mental health problem, for instance: short term memory loss, just because I put those small yellow sticky notes on my computer screen, which remind me of things to do. I hated going to work everyday. I worked their for three months. In additon the lady who rented our home had never paid the rent and took all my furniture, my floorboards, the light fittings, my shed and even my Combi Boiler. We had lost $30,000 in the value of our home. Police found her, but they could not prosecute her because it was a civil matter. I got my keys to the home posted them back to the bank and walked away. That same weekend in June I applied for 5 jobs and two days later I got all 5 jobs, so I picked another Rehabilitation Consultant role (WorkCover) for $20,000 per annum less, within a few days I loved the job, my work colleagues and management, also the Chief Executive asked me to go for a drink with him, which I would of been daft to refuse not to. He offerred me to sponsor me for Permanent Residency, providing my family with more security/stability. I took up this offer. In the meanwhile Jane was really enjoying her work, apart from going back to shift work, as she was working in outpatients in Newcastle upon Tyne. My son was playing professional soccer for Adelaide City and we also had a chat with Adelaide United as well, who was aware of my sons talent. He also gained a job at the Director and owner of Adelaide City's business, BEST Bricks and Pavers as a salesperson, which he is still working there, but has now stopped the soccer. My daughter 16yrs old did not want to come here and it was a nightmare when she arrived. Constantly on the phone and facebook to her boyfriend, would not talk, would not sociliase, would not go anywhere with us, she constantly stayed in the house for 7 months, this caused a lot of arguments and upset between our family members. My mother offered to pay for her flight back to England, my daughter would not talk to me, she was not interested in gaining the PR or even attempting to make an effort here in Adelaide. Then my son all of a sudden booked his flight for the 5th September 2010 and was going back for good and never returning, also he was going to book a flight for my daughter to go back with him. I understand where my son was coming from and that he wanted to support his sister. I wanted both children to stay until we got the PR Visa but they would not. At the same time we had found out that the amazing home we was living in had been sold and we had to move out, we managed to get a much smaller two bedroom with a study room just around the corner, because both children were going back. 2 days before we were moving my son decides not to go back to the UK, hence my daughter not going back. Everything I told him to try to get him to stay he ignored me, but when his mates at work told him the same he decided to stay. Another problem we were moving to an house with no bedroom for him and really small. We had two days to gain a 4 bedroom house, lucky enough we got a 4 bedroom just around the corner from a patient at Jane's hospital. 6 weeks later my daughter got a job in a cafe on King William Street, she has just passed her driving test and currently driving my car, she has saved up $2,500 to get her own car and will be 18 years old in April, so she can then at least get in the pubs and meet people. My daughter told me that she is staying now, 8 months of upset and worry for my daughter and now its over with. My son is very settled and has a car now. Jane takes her driving test this coming week and we have savings for her to get a car. We have just spent Jane's 40th birthday in Sydney, we have lots of really really good friends who seem to be much nicer than the friends we had in the UK, I find that the friends over here make much more of an effort to meet up with you and especially help you with anything. We have no debts and money to spend and save. Jane and I dont miss anything in England and we have no interest in going back, our parents have even said not to go back for their funerals, in a nice way. I want to say a big thank you for all the friends we have met via this wonderful site and for all the help/support they have given us for this past year.
  24. Guest

    Adelaide Central

    Anyone fancy meeting up in Adelaide City / North Adelaide? A lot of the meet ups are outside Adelaide, and I live right by the city and am reliant on public transport so a central location would be great. I moved here last month. Cheers London
  25. Hi all, anyone available for a meet the first week in November? Only there for a very quick reccie, so if anyone is free I’d love to meet. Cheers Jez

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