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Found 7 results

  1. Hi guys, I have received an EOI from South Australia and am about to apply for a PR visa (190). I am a financial investment adviser and my wife is a Buying Manager with an apparel retailer. I wanted to understand the reality of the job situation for our respective fields in Adelaide. I've been reading everywhere of course that NSW has all the relevant jobs, but their skilled migrant list doesn't include our job profiles so we can't think of going there for at least a couple of years. Any information / help would be welcome.
  2. Hi everyone, We are a family of 5 that 2 years ago came to Adelaide on a tourist visa, our visa expires in 1 month and, though we have all requirements to apply for skilled visa 190, we will not have our skills assessment ready for then. We don't want to apply for another student visa to extend our stay so are thinking of flying back to Spain and wait there till the paperwork is ready. Then, we plan to come back on a free 3 months visitor visa (ETA) and finish the application here. We will probably be out of Australia for 2 months. Does anyone see an issue with that? Is it likely that we are denied entry as tourist just because we had a student visa two months ago? Is there any issue with stating that you come for tourism and arrange a permanent residence while here? Thanks in advance for your future answers. Miquel
  3. Guys, get ready for a long post regarding a popular issue. Looks like SA is desperate to increase migrants disregarding the fact that jobs are very limited. From my observation I can see so many posts in blogs and discussion forums titled " Can I move interstate as I can’t find my job here in SA" or something like that. This has become a very serious issue recently. Neither DIAC nor SA department is clearly advising on the issue. I have two dimensions to discuss the issue: A. What DIBP and SA officially say about the issue? B. What are the consequences of moving other states before allowed time? A) Statement of DIBP and SA: DIBP says "There could have been some residential conditions that were specified by the relevant state or territory government in your nomination. Contact the state or territory government for more information"- Okay! Clear enough? My question: Why DIBP is not telling “You ‘have to’ follow state requirement as they have sponsored you to get this visa”. This would have cleared confusion form their end at least. Now let us see what SA says- “12.2 Applicants must demonstrate a genuine interest in South Australia and a commitment to live and work in the state for at least two years by: Undertaking first-hand, thorough and meaningful research on South Australia. Providing your reasons for your interest in immigrating to South Australia in the on-line application 12.2.2 Undertaking relevant research on job opportunities and any licensing/registration requirements…..“ When it comes to ‘demonstrate interest’, I think most people will just do that anyway! Also so many people don’t get the real picture until they land on SA. I know many have applied despite knowing the fact of ‘job scarcity’ just to secure the visa. After all it’s PR!!! My question: Why SA is not telling” You must have to stay at least 2 years as per your declaration to fulfill sponsorship criteria. B) Consequence of moving other states and impact on Citizenship Application: On the ground of above issue, there is nothing we find from DIBP or State about the consequences on applying for citizenship. This should be clarified by both the authority with possible outcomes against varying situations. Hope some expert would shed some light on this. Regards Ehsan
  4. Hi All......failed medicals on 190 visa due to significant cost of Humira injection. Currently on natural justice 'invitation to comment' stage. However disease in remission hence specialist not agreeing on significant cost as he has recommended shifting to routine oral medication and treatment which has nominal cost. Hoping to get a letter from specialist with that prognosis and submit to MOC. I have two queries: 1) Since this a change in medical circumstances, do you thing there is chance that MOC might reconsider since now the significant cost is not there? 2) For chronic conditions is it AUD40000 for lifetime or is it AUD40000 for first 5 years and then calculate proportionately for lifetime? 3) If MOC does not change decision and Visa is rejected, what is the scope of ministerial intervention or legal procedures? Was hoping for some expert advise from Gollywobbler who has helped so many with her wonderful advise as seen in another forum...Is she active here? With two little babies (2 yr old and 6 months old) who were both born in Australia I need this residency to pursue my dreams here! Does anyone have word of hope here?
  5. Permanent state nomination for South Australian provisional visa holders From 14 May until 15 June 2014, people who hold a South Australian state nominated provisional visa (subclass 489, 475, 487 and 495 only), who are living and working in the state can apply for a 190 - Skilled Nominated Permanent visa through Immigration South Australia. This trial program enables people who have already secured a provisional state nominated visa to apply for a permanent visa through the same program. Before you apply You should make sure you are aware of the Department of Immigration and Border Protection cost associated with the 190 - Skilled Nominated visa. For a single applicant the minimum application cost is $3520 compared to the $370 for the 887 – Skilled Regional visa. For a complete list of charges visit:immi.gov.au/Help/Pages/fees-charges/visa.aspx If you have already lodged an 887- Skilled Regional Permanent visa you should continue with this application. Only South Australian provisional state nominated visa holders may apply through this program. All other states and territories provisional visa holders do not qualify. State nominated applications made under this trial program will be priority processed. The trial program will run from 14 May until 15 June 2014 or until the nomination quota has been reached. You must meet all the provisional visa holder requirements, no exemptions will be granted. Not sure if this pathway is right for you? Find out more about the benefits of permanent residency including access to Medicare and local study fees and read about the features and requirements of the 190 – Skilled Nominated visa. If you require further advice you may wish to consult a registered migration agent through mara.gov.au. How to apply 1. Submit an expression of interest through the Department of Immigration and Border Protection (DIBP) SkillSelect system - you must select the 190 – Skilled Nominated visa and choose South Australia as your preferred migration state. 2. Create an Immigration South Australia account and lodge a state nomination application with Immigration South Australia. 3. If you are granted state nomination you will receive a visa invitation from the DIBP. 4. Submit your 190 - Skilled Nominated visa application with DIBP. Source: https://www.migration.sa.gov.au/news%20and%20events Elegibility requirements: https://www.migration.sa.gov.au/sites/default/files/files/EligibilityRequirementsSouthAustralianProvisionalVisaHoldersSeeking190.pdf Enjoy it!!
  6. BillyJo

    Getting Closer!

    Started whole 190 visa process in October last year after the "Down under Live" info session in Glasgow SECC. Have just got skills assessment on its way to Oz, have IELTS booked for Feb 15th and documents sitting ready to go for VISA application. Just wondering if anyone can can me any info on how their process has gone at this stage? My skills assessment is as a youth worker, I have 10 years experience and currently work as a service manger for a National Children's Charity. I'm a wee bit worried about the matching-up of qualifications etc and the subsequent job prospects. I really do feel that I have transferable skills to diversify once in Australia.....but not sure what I can go for until the skills assessment comes back! I'm sure that many of you have been at this stage of uncertainty which is a pivotal point in the waiting game of migration. Can anybody offer me some dialogue on any of the above as I ....and indeed my whole family......are crossing over into the "migration reality" zone now and the whole thing feels a wee bit daunting at the moment! Cheers
  7. HI guys not sure if anyone else has had the same problem. We submitted our visa a couple of weeks back and when you get into your portal it displays all the names that are relevant for the visa. For the first week my wife’s name was displayed as her married name which is correct and is on the visa, but has now changed to her Maiden name, I have gone back and looked on our application form and we have filled in all correct but not sure why it has changed. All correspondence is going to maiden name too now! Another glitch in the system! Have found many on our journey! Any takers? Cheers

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