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Found 14 results

  1. Dear all, I came to Australia on 489 Skilled Regional Visa in July 2018. I will be applying for my Permanent Residency Visa (887 Visa) in July 2020. My current passport is due to be expired on January 2021 which means when I will be applying for 887 visa, I will only have six months validity in my current passport. Due to this reason I have applied for a new passport from the Sri Lankan authorities. My question is, when I am filling the application should I put my existing passport details and later update the new passport's details or should I wait for my new passport to arrive and then apply? Please help me in this regard. Your help will be highly appreciated. Thank you & best regards Aussieboy
  2. kk1988

    887 visa

    hi guys legi had applied my 887 visa on 4/4/2017 and 9/3/2018 i got refusal as on work basis I worked as salesman in regional side but i got paid through abn and i gave my yearly tax return and gst docs and letter head for company but I forget to mention on letter head for company that I worked minimum 35 hours every week and also I mentioned that I worked in regional but didnot mention specific area which leads to refusal but gave my bank statements and all now they sent me refusal and asked me to have right to review through some legal agency.can you guys help me what shoud i do or re-aplly again or what. thank you in adavnce
  3. 887_2018

    887 Visa 2018 Update

    Hi, I have lodged my 887 visa application in early November 2017. It still shows as RECEIVED in immi account. Does anybody get update in 2018 ? Please give your time frames. Thanks
  4. Hi, I am applying for my 887 grant. I have a doubt in Residency evidence. In my first rental (rooming), for one month, i paid my landlord weekly Rent via EFT from my Indian bank account. Can i submit the Indian bank account statement as evidence of rent payment OR should i get a Stat declaration. Also, will the ignore CO ignore non submission of Rent evidence if its for just One month? Please advise.
  5. Hi, I got my new born baby last month therefore i need to add her on my application. i need some help with documents, what are the documents do i need to apply? Also, do i need passport? Thanks heaps.
  6. Hi All, Please guide me if my current experience and following proofs would suffice the 1 year work requirement for 887 visa? Currently being on 489 visa, I am working from home i.e. from regional area of Australia for an overseas employer that doesn't exist in Australia. What I have done to prove my work is following: 1. Registered myself with ABN in Australia as to provide services to clients remotely 2. My salary comes in my Australian bank account 3. I have made the invoices of the same amount mentioning my ABN of exactly the same amount that gets into my account (as salary from my employer). 4. I can show bank statement showing same salary credits 5. Since registered with ABN but my annual income is less than 75,000 AUD hence unable to register for GST and cant obtain BAS (Business Activity Statement). Therefore paying taxes as sole trader on my ABN income i.e. Tax proof on my ABN income. 6. My overseas employer signs the monthly time sheet which clearly shows how many hours a day throughout the month I have worked / provided support to clients hence I can show that I have worked at least 35 hours a week by submitting these signed time-sheets including overtime in some weeks. So in a nutshell, I can provide following documents: ABN, Tax proof, Invoices, Monthly Timesheets, Bank Statements, Contract with employer which clearly shows that I am working from SA and I am an independent contractor. Apart from these, is their any thing else that I should be needed else my above experience wont be considered? Or is it that my by submitting above docs, I can satisfy the 1 year work requirements for 887 visa? Help on above is much appreciated. Many thanks.
  7. adam

    887 visa

    Hello All, thank you all for giving me the chance to express my frustration on this page we have plied to the 887 visa on early May 2018 . I have logged the application my self on IMMIGRATION ACCOUNT . Status is still received since months .. what does that means? one more thing please, how long does it takes to be granted the visa as I see different period on processing times and the last one was 12-15 months finally ,can we move from the regional area during the processing period since we plied ? thanks so much and I do appreciate if some one can help me on answering my concerns Adam
  8. Hi there, Once i have gone through this site and the link which shows if someone have applied for 887 visa and date of grant and more info. It show the date of applied and granted and if CO have requested any doc Can someone help to find that link or by site how to asses that. I wanted to put on date of lodgement for march 2018 for 887 visa
  9. Tushar Rana

    887 Visa Latest information

    Hi Guys, I have just applied for 887 visa recently. Has anyone got idea about, how long does it take for CO to be allocated and approval for the visas. I have submitted all the documents except photographs as it was exceeding my limit of 60 documents. Does that created a major issue for it? Thanks in advance guys.
  10. Batra801


    Hi Everyone Im on my visa 489(granted 4 January 2016) and my wife got 489 subsequent entrant in October Last year. On January 4, 2018 im eligible to apply for 887 as im completing my 2 year residency in designated area with 1 year full time work in designated area. i want to apply for visa For visa 887 and want to attach my wife's name as secondary applicant. she will be here with me at the time of our application. Is it possible if i could request for our decision while she is overseas. (she is a doctor and has got a great opportunity at UAE). How long does it take for 887 applications?
  11. Raj2018

    887 visa

    Hi, I have applied for 887 visa after living in regional area with 489 visa.question no 1-can I move now to city as completed 2 years in regional area OR I need to wait till get 887 visa to move cities (populated places)?question no 2- am I eligible to medicare now, can i apply for that?
  12. Hi everyone, I will soon be applying for 887 visa application,I am currently on 496.I just wanted to ask as a main applicant ,do I have to do IELTS again to show my English proficiency or just show my old IELTS certificate(which is now expired) and does my spouse have to do IELTS as well.She couldn't achieve 4.5 when we applied for 496 and she has been doing AMEP functional English certificate 3. My second question is that as it is required that main applicant should've done full time work for one year.Does it have to be continuous full time work for one year or it has to be amount of work equivalent to one year of full time work.For example if I do work for 18 months and it is equivalent to the number of hours of one year's full time work.Would it be accepted or if I do work in bits and pieces as in 3 months(full time) here then break and 5 months(full time) and complete one year full time work.Would it be accepted? Any help would be highly appreciated.Many Thanks Regards, Shas
  13. Hi Guys i applied for Visa 887 on 16/12/13. Just wondering how much time does it take for Visa to get approved? Used to be very quick but now days the processing has gone slow. Please advise Garry
  14. Hi All, Need some help about this. I was filling my 887 today and was being told by DIAC when I called them that we don't need to book for medical. Now when I am lodging my application it's not allowing me to proceed further as I need to provide my booking reference which came as a surprise not able to proceed further. Other Issue issue is that when I am trying to book online form my medicals it's asking for HAP ID which I recon I won't be able to get till I apply. Anybody knows what should I do?

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