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Found 30 results

  1. Hello guys, Soon my partner and I will be eligible to apply for the visa 887. Our only question/doubt is regarding the validity of police certificates. According to the link below, we do not need a new police certificate if we have not left the country. https://immi.homeaffairs.gov.au/wha...rogram/skilled-visa-newsletters/november-2019 See the following topic on the page/link: "Penal clearance certificates – validity issues" (or the image below). Attention to the last bullet point on the topic in specific. - - - Does this still stand or has this changed since November 2019? Our visa has been issued in November 2019 and since then we have not left Australia. Do we need to get new police certificate clearances from previous countries? Has anyone applied with expired policed certificate clearances and was okay? Thank you very much in advance. Cheers!
  2. What type of documents expecting for functional English? Both main and spouse application have more than 1 year work experience in Australia. Can anyone help us.
  3. Dear all, I came to Australia on 489 Skilled Regional Visa in July 2018. I will be applying for my Permanent Residency Visa (887 Visa) in July 2020. My current passport is due to be expired on January 2021 which means when I will be applying for 887 visa, I will only have six months validity in my current passport. Due to this reason I have applied for a new passport from the Sri Lankan authorities. My question is, when I am filling the application should I put my existing passport details and later update the new passport's details or should I wait for my new passport to arrive and then apply? Please help me in this regard. Your help will be highly appreciated. Thank you & best regards Aussieboy
  4. Hi buddies Is there anybody who knows how I can include my spouse and children in the application for 887 while they are offshore? My spouse and children have stuck overseas due to border closure, and by new concession for 887 applicants or dependents who are offshore, I should be able to include them in my application, but the online system does not let me include them because it detects that they are overseas! Is there anybody who has had this problem? Thank you in advance
  5. G'day Mates, I started to fill in the 887 application on immi site. I was not prompted at an stage and was not asked to attach any document throughout the entire form. So the question is, Is the stage of attaching documents is after submitting? Although it says that this information will be provided by the application form, it is not :( whether to attach documents before or after you submit Cheers!
  6. Hi, I am applying for my 887 grant. I have a doubt in Residency evidence. In my first rental (rooming), for one month, i paid my landlord weekly Rent via EFT from my Indian bank account. Can i submit the Indian bank account statement as evidence of rent payment OR should i get a Stat declaration. Also, will the ignore CO ignore non submission of Rent evidence if its for just One month? Please advise.
  7. Team, What documents need to be certified for 887 ? For example, all payslips, utility bills (water, electricity, broadband), rent receipts, superannuation docs, bank statements, service letters, etc are PDF(s). I can get rental agreement authenticated as they are hard copies.. But not really sure about all above mentioned .PDF(s) /Thanks,
  8. Human

    Uber work for 887

    Hi there, Is there anyone who applied for 887 by using Uber as a work requirement? What documents are attached or asked by the case officer? Any grants?
  9. Team, Could you please let me know what details should be included on employer reference letter ? I think I saw a web-page on Home Affairs website that states what details it should have, but I am no longer able to find that details. I remember details like, weekly hours, annual salary, Company letterhead, Company address, company ABN, etc. /Regards,
  10. Dear All, What Tax documents do you upload for 887 visa ? Would it be Individual Tax Return Document (which sent to the ATO to process Tax Return) or the Notice of Assessment or/and both ? /Thanks
  11. Dear All, First post on this forum and I find it really helpful.. My Question is my wife and I were staying with one of my friends house ( I would like to call it sharing - but he was facilitating us till we settle down) for our first 2-months in Adelaide. After 2 months we moved out renting a unit for ourselves. I have bank statements, Salary slips, Medical Insurance letters, NCC clearances, car rego for that 2 months but neither rental agreements nor rent payment slips. Would it be simply enough to get a letter signed by him that we shared their house ? or should I draft a rental agreement ? Much appreciate your feedback.. /Regard
  12. Hi all, I am 21 years and 2 months old, currently pursuing bachelor of engineering at Adelaide University (third year). I am on a 489 Visa here. Its been 2 years since we have moved to Australia and we have satisfied all the conditions of the 489 visa. We will be applying for the 887 Visa now. I live with my parents and am financially dependent on them for my international tuition fees and other needs. Currently 887 visa processing time is ranging from 19 -22 months, I are bothered due to such a long processing time period. Because it's mentioned on DIBP website that A child who turns 23 while your application is being processed and who does not meet these ( dependent ) requirements cannot satisfy the criteria for this visa. Will there be any exception regarding the above highlighted portion since I was granted an eligible 489 visa as a family unit? Can anyone please clarify, your opinion will be highly appreciated. Best Regards Hamza Khan
  13. Hi Guys, I am new to this forum and sorry if this has been discussed earlier. But a little help would be much appreciated. I will be on subclass 489, stay in a regional area (Adelaide) and working for a company outside of Australia. I would be able to show work contracts, payment proofs into my Australian Bank, pay all applicable Australian tax and fulfill the 35h / week requirement by working remotely from Adelaide to support my clients overseas. Considering all other conditions are met, would this work for 887? Thank you.
  14. chandra

    Bridging visa active

    Hi All, i am silent follower of this forum. i applied 887 on feb 10 2019 my currrent visa 489 expires tomorrow july 31. i am working for software company they are in doubt that immigration granted me bridging visa a after i lodge 887 application. when i try to check my bridge visa status is VEVO it errored out. when will be active only after my current visa expires which is august 1. will immi send me another bridge visa active on e ? Regards, Chandra
  15. chandra

    887 visa UPDATE

    Hi all, i applied 887 visa this year February 10 2019 ..any idea how long processing takes global processing times for 887 visa is 16 months to 20 months. any idea how frequently visas granted. Thanks, Chandra
  16. joshwaitaminnit

    887 Applied in Nov 2017

    Hey Guys, Lodged 887 application on 07/11/2017 Requested to provide for 80 and AFP name check in may 2018 Due to an issue with my name in my passport asked to provide another AFP name check, form 80 and another form called "Declaration of Service" they asked me to also make sure i had completed FORM 1399 (i have never been in the military anywhere anytime) this was in Oct 2018. Uploaded all docs within a week on 24 Oct 2018 No updates since then....on IMMI online it just says further assessment. CO was Adam when the last set of docs were asked for in Oct 2018. Anyone have the same experience? Also i saw on this or another forum that Adam might not be in IMMI anymore... Thanks Salil
  17. Hi All, being on 489 visa can we visit New-Zealand or we need tourist visa? For tourists visa do we have to get it done from our home country or from Australia? At last, if we want to visit Europe from Australia(while on 489 visa), from where I will apply Schengen visa, Australia or home country? if someone had similar experience and want to share their perspectives/thoughts please:)
  18. chandra

    887 visa enquiry

    Hi i am applying for 887general skilled migration online... while filling online there is one question visa label number 11 digit number....i entered my current visa 489 grant number but it says wrong format can any one help what i have to fill 11 digit visa number ? did any one face the same issue and what you have filled ? if i left blank i am able to continue application further but little concerned if i left blank will be an issue. Thanks, Chandra
  19. Hello everyone, How are you. I am on 489 visa, and I have about 1 more year left before I apply on 887. I was sponsored by a state. Over the time things have changed, and I am finding really hard to survive here with my wife. I am wondering if I can move to some other state, and still live in regional area. I know that I can stay anywhere in regional Australia, but bit worried that what if the state which sponsored me takes any actions against me? Till now they havent asked me to fill out any survey which they said they will during sponsoring me? Should I still expect them to send surveys? Have anyone like me had gone through this before, if you have please share your experience? I need to know that how I can move from this state to regional VIC, without any problems or hassles. Sorry for long post, I am new here so hope will know how to write here. I hope I will get some favourable replies. Regards Brett Lee
  20. Hello, I am on 489 visa in Tasmania and will be applying for 887 visa soon and want to know what are the documents that need to be submitted while applying for 887 visa?
  21. agk

    subclass 887

    hi all i am planning to apply for subclass 887 in jan2019. i am in 489 family sponsored. i got 489 in dec2016 and started living in Melbourne 01/jan/2017. so i will finish 2 year stay in 01/01/2019. but my concern is, i been to India 4 times during this period. i just counted the total days i been outside Australia and its 107 days (01/01/16 to 01/01/19 ) and two year is 730 days. during these 4 vacations one was 2 months ( that made the major contribution to 107 ). is that a serious problem for applying 887?
  22. DEV

    887 visa

    Hi, Those who apply 887 visa in November, what's the status shows on immi account. My application status shows 7 to 8 months processing time. Can someone reply please? Thanks.
  23. DEV

    887 visa

    Good morning all, Great news for all 887 visa applicants. On immi website allocation dates has just changed today morning. New date is 16/10/2017. I hope all happy with that. I have one question if someone can answer please: I have applied 887 visa: In online application parents details come under : OTHER OR it comes under NON - ACCOMPANYING members of your family unit? Can someone answer please. Thanks.
  24. DEV

    887 visa

    Good morning all, Great news for all 887 visa applicants. On immi website allocation dates has just changed today morning. New date is 16/10/2017. I hope all happy with that. I have one question if someone can answer please: I have applied 887 visa: In online application parents details come under : OTHER OR it comes under NON - ACCOMPANYING members of your family unit? Can someone answer please. Thanks.
  25. Waqar

    887 requirements

    Hi Everyone, We got 489 visa in 2016 and My wife was primary applicants, however for 887 I will be the main applicant. So I need to know whether I need Ielts at the time of 887 application lodgement?

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