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Found 9 results

  1. Guest

    Short Term Rental

    Hello, I am looking to move to Adelaide in January with my family. I have been looking at short term rentals, they seem to be really expensive. We would be hoping to rent somewhere furnished for 2 or 3 months, while we found our feet, looked closer into suburbs etc and wait for shipping container, etc... It would be much appreciated if you could share your experiences of finding such rentals, how they work and where to search. Hopefully we can then avoid being 'stung' - oh I should also add that we will be bring our small dog, I imagine this make put up a few hurdles. Many Thanks in advance
  2. Hi everyone, My OH and I are arriving in Adelaide on 10th October and our dog will be arriving mid-Dec. We were just wondering if it's easy to find a long term rental that is dog friendly? Has anyone had any exeperience of this lately? We're looking to pay up to about $530pw in the Henley/Grange/Glenelg areas hopefully - do you think we'll have any problems finding something? I've seen a lot of lovely houses on the net but a lot say no pets - want a new/modern house though! We have been renting with our dog for 2 years in the UK with no problems and can get references from our current landlord. Any advice or tips would be very much welcome!! Thanks Carly & Ray
  3. We arrive on the Wednesday 10th February 2010 the five of us. We have applied for the OAA but will not find out until the week commencing 18th January at the earliest, therefore I have been searching for alternative back-up accommodation and I was just wondering what the Midway Apartments are like, they seem to be the cheapest short-term rental accommodation out there and also situated in an ideal place to be based. But I have read several posts/threads on here stating that its dirty and horrible and under no circumstances stay at these apartments. We are not to bothered about it being clean as we can do that, (we dont have small children), plus we are only going to be sleeping there as we will be out most of the day anyway. Really struggling to find short-term rental for about a month, there is no availability and the ones which are are ever so expensive. Look forward to hearing from you members in the very near future.
  4. Hi All, We're moving to Adelaide, arriving 9th March and are looking for furnished accommodation initially for two weeks, after that we'll looking for a longer term rental. There are five of us, two adults and three children. Not realising the Festival and Fringe are on I'd not booked anywhere, thinking I could do it soon before arrival but now I'm trying to find somewhere and finding everywhere is booked up. So I'm really hoping someone can help out and let me know if they know anywhere in Adelaide where I can find furnished accommodation for four/five from around March 9th, though I could be flexible on the date if necessary. Thanks! Stuart.
  5. Hi, We're arriving in Adelaide late April. First off I'd like to book a furnished holiday accommodation for a couple of weeks to settle in, then after that we'll take a longer term rental for six months or so. Can anyone recommend any good holiday accommodation in Adelaide for a couple of weeks, preferably in the north of the city, but could be flexible. It'll be for two adults and three children. Thanks!
  6. We received the e-mail this morning to state that we did not gain the OAA package but still got the Meet and Greet Service. I would like to ask any members on this site if you aware of any Short-Term Rental Accommodation for 4 Adults and one child. We would like it from the Wednesday 10th February for approximately 4 weeks duration, but that can be either reduced or extended if needed to be. Ideally we would like to live near the CBD as both the Wife's and my job are just a little north of the CBD. Thanks...........................
  7. I have applied for AOA as well as the Meet & Greet service, for when we arrive on the Wednesday 10th February 2010, as you probably aware that this is not guaranteed and it is advisable to book alternative accommodation as a back-up. Well I have seen short term rental for our arrival available. However I have to pay at least 50% deposit on booking , which is roughly $1500-$1800 AUD - £830 - £990 and the rest of the rent on arrival. So what I have decided is to take a big gamble and not book any alternative back up accomodation and then wait until three weeks before we arrive to find out if we gain the AOA, if we do not gain it, then I will frantically search for other short term rental for our arrival. I just dont want to pay a massive deposit and then lose it due to our AOA coming through, which we are hoping for very much. Unless someone out there has got a 3/4 bedroom rental home, ideally with a swimming pool for rent on a much more longer lease, then I would take that up instead around our arrival in Febraury 2010.
  8. I have a question about the procedure of booking On Arrival Public Accommodationl via the State of South Australia Government. My house sale will start going through the motions via our Solicitors on Monday (tomorrow), but we have no idea when it's going to be finalised. We are aiming for about the 23rd November, therefore we would like to make our move to Adelaide, about 7th December. The problem is we have to give at least six weeks notice to hopefully gain our on arrival accommodation, so the date of us to apply at the very latest is 26th October. However on the 26th October we will not be sure if our house sale will be finalised before the 23rd November: Question: 1. If we have given the On Arrival Public Accommodation a date for us to take up our accommodation and then our house sale gets delayed and we cannot make that date. What will happen? Can we change the date, for a later date? If so, what notice period do we have to give? Plus will this hinder our opportunity to gain the On Arrival Public Accommodation again. 2. We cannot afford to pay for our flights until we sell our home, therefore we cannot confirm a date for arrival until we book the flights. But we do not want to apply for the On Arrival Public Accommodation after our flights are booked because we then have to wait 6 weeks before we can set off, taking us till end of January 2010, both my wife and I want to take up our job offers in Adelaide as early as 4th January 2010. 3. Can we apply for the On Arrival Public Accommodation for a given date but mention that this may change due to unforeseen delays with our house sale and not being able to book the flights until we sell our home and the original flights we wanted/planed to book may have been sold and we will need to arrange another flight as close to the original date we gave On Arrival Public Accommodation . I hope I have explained this right!!!!
  9. G'day! I'm new to the site but not new to Adelaide. Been here a few years now and not looking back. My parents seem to love it here and come out every year for increasingly longer stays....They are both retiring this year so from now on they will be here for 3-6 months a year (and they can't stay with me!!!!). I'm looking at buying an investment property while property prices are good and interest rates are low. Parents can stay there for a few months a year and the rest of the year it will be a furnished holiday let. I've fallen in love with an apartment at Newport Quays and would love to hear from anyone who has bought or lived there.... Thanks in advance! Rach

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