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Found 6 results

  1. Hi, dear all! Forum is great, we found our first house through it. We need 3-bedroom house from the end of May in a good place, better close to the beach but consider different locations. We are family of 3 - 41/45/21 and have 2 extremely obedient mastiffs, no damage garanteed. Please, if you breaking lease and trust dog lovers, let me know, up to 350 AUD. Thanks!
  2. Guest


    Hi ALL; newbie to the forum; I will be arriving in SA beginning of September, I would like some help in finding a room or unit to rent. It would be helpful if I can get a room so I have someone to talk to about the local area etc, I am a single Male IT professional. Any help, pointers etc. would be very useful and appreciated Thanks in advance Simon
  3. she1971

    Rental websites please????

    Hi Please can anyone recommend any rental websites apart from realestate.com.au? All rentals which are coming up (3 bed) are around $450-$500/week at least. Looking at South Adelaide areas. Also, can anyone recommend any short term accomodation, will apply for OAA but in case we are not lucky need to have plan B in mind. looking to book flights for last week of May. Thanks. PS: Are there any school hols coming up in May which may affect flight prices to Aus?
  4. Please can someone who has emigrated from England to Adelaide provide me with a blunt and down - to - earth opinion of finding rented property in the Suburbs of Adelaide. I have read some threads on here and most of them have mentioned to stay away from the regions of Elizabeth, but not actually gave an explanation to why it may not be suitable to settle their. I have researched the suburbs and tend to find that most suburbs are expensive to rent - a decent accomodation being $400 - £180 per week, which compared to rental prices here in Newcastle upon Tyne is $200 - £90 per week. Yes I must admit that the quality of the rented homes in Adelaide far excide of those here in England. But to me the rental prices in Adelaide are expensive, so I have been looking at suburbs of Elizabeth and surrounding areas of Elizabeth and found that rental is far cheaper than anywhere else around Adelaide, its obvious that they are a lot cheaper, probably because people dont want to live in Elizabeth. But I have looked at the quality of the homes and they are excellent and a couple of hundred dollars cheaper to rent than other areas. The location is great - it's near the coast and the CBD. I have found that there are a lot of families on these type of forums and these families on emigration programs on tv have a lot of money to emigrate with, so they have more options in gaining quality rental homes and which suburb they choose to settle in. I will be bringing hardley anything probably about £10k. Since I left home at 17 years old I have lived all over England, as well as Turkey, Spain and France. Almost all of these areas have been rough Council House estates, but to me, you make the best of where you live and from my experience its just the stigma of the area what is actually bad. In addition I am entitled to the full Meet and Greet service which the South Australian Government provide, because I have gained the South Australia State Sponsorship Visa (Subclass 475), which to me I am well happy with, in-fact overwhelmed with. Because they will hopefully provide my family and I with very cheap furnished accomodation for the first 12 weeks of being in Australia. Who cares where it is, as long it helps me soon as I arrive, no worries about looking for property, buying furniture, etc. Too me the home is what you make of it. You know what readers I am seriously considering the Elizabeth suburbs to start off with and then when I get settled find a suitable job then I will hopefully move to my ideal suburbs of City of Charles Sturt. Tony (39), Jane (38), Nathan (20), Shannon (16), Charlotte (10)
  5. Hi, We are a couple moving to Adelaide arriving on the 20th of January. We are looking for furnished accomodation for 2-3 months, possibly longer. We are both professionals aged 36 and 31 and would be tidy and responsible tenants. If anyone knows of anything we would be grateful, please private message us. Neil:Dand Louise:cute:
  6. Hi to all We got our Visa and we are planning a short trip to Adelaide (Recce). Would be grateful if anyone could give a lead on getting a short term rental for 14 days from may 15th till may 30th. We prefer shared accommodation to meet our budget. Thanks in advance.

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