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Found 16 results

  1. CDR is a must-have in obtaining a skilled migration visa, for which your CDR report needs to stand out amongst various Engineer applicants in Australia. And hence you can say that writing a CDR requires a lot of focus, experience, and time. If you believe you have good CDR writing skills, that's great, but if you are somewhat uncertain about writing a CDR, you should be seeking professional help. Why do Most CDR Reports Gets Rejected? Engineers in Australia without qualifications in engineering are required to show their competency through a CDR report. A CDR Report can help EA test your talents and abilities to decide whether you could get permission to stay and work in Australia. The CDR comprises the following essential components: Curriculum Vitae (CV), Three Career Episodes, Continuing Professional Development (CPD), and Summary Statement. Many applicants try to create their own CDR report. However, when applicants are less experienced with the rules, guidelines, and CDR writing skills of EA, they tend to make more mistakes which can eventually lead their reports to get rejected. Below are a few common reasons for the rejection of the CDR reports by Engineers Australia (EA): CDR report is not according to EA guidelines Improper structure and word count Grammatical errors and the presence of plagiarism Absence of essential scanned document Irrelevant career episodes and other information Wrong structure of the Career Episodes, summary statement, and CPD Lack of enough evidence to support the ideas in the CDR report CDR in a different language other than English Career episodes are too technical
  2. CDR Report plays a crucial role to demonstrates your engineering skills and knowledge to meet Australian standards. Suppose you are an engineer from a country other than Australia and want to relocate to Australia. To know more about the problem and it's solutuon you can read the article Complexity in Engineers Australia CDR requirement
  3. Created for new pr grants to help each other out with their questions and preparation for citizenship journey
  4. Hi All, being on 489 visa can we visit New-Zealand or we need tourist visa? For tourists visa do we have to get it done from our home country or from Australia? At last, if we want to visit Europe from Australia(while on 489 visa), from where I will apply Schengen visa, Australia or home country? if someone had similar experience and want to share their perspectives/thoughts please:)
  5. ravimodi

    Visa 489 and Visa 190

    Can one apply for Visa 489 (Provisional) and Visa 190 together ?
  6. I am going to be at our King William Street office on Thursday 27/02. If anyone would like a freebie half hour chat about their tax affairs please feel able to send a PM or an email to me (click on my name to the left of this posting). Best regards.
  7. Was wondering what would be the best Level 3 certificate courses to choose for best employment options and career growth In Adelaide or may be that helps in other states of Australia? ATM, Iam looking at Health Services Assistant (But no many jobs, but 6 months course only with Funded by Gov, 1.5K out of pocket), Early child educator or carer (Few jobs, 12 months course, not funded by Gov, 3.5K out of pocket) Any valuable suggestion are welcome.
  8. http://www.theaustralian.com.au/national-affairs/policy/bid-to-keep-out-dentists-fails-in-visa-shakeup/story-fn59noo3-1226953823161 From today's The Australian newspaper: The Abbott government will slash the number of foreign accountants able to get permanent visas but local dentists have failed in a bid to impose new restrictions on their overseas counterparts working in Australia. The government decision to cut the number of foreign accountants came after the Australian Workplace and Productivity Agency rejected a bid by the Department of Employment to have accountants removed from the Skilled Occupation List. The agency recommends annually which occupations be added or *removed. Foreign workers whose occupation is on the list can apply for a permanent visa without requiring a sponsor. Documents seen by The Weekend Australian show the department told the agency that its research showed “there continues to be a surplus of qualified accountants’’ in Australia. But the agency said the department’s was the only one of seven submissions it received that called for accountants to be removed from the list. Among arguments in support of foreign accountants was that changes to taxation law and regulations would increase demand. “Pending repeals of the carbon tax and the mineral resources rent tax were cited as examples of initiatives which will drive further demand for accounting services, along with changes to superannuation laws,’’ the agency said. Under the general skilled *migration program, professionals and other skilled migrants can enter Australia without being sponsored by an employer. While they have to nominate an occupation on the skilled occupation list, there is no obligation for them to work in that occupation. The government has capped the program at 43,990 skilled visas next financial year. For each of the professions on the list, the number of positions available is capped at 6 per cent of the occupation’s workforce. After the agency agreed to *reduce the cap for accountants to 4.5 per cent, the Assistant Minister for Immigration, Michaelia Cash, said the government had decided to reduce the cap further to 3 per cent. Senator Cash said the new *occupational ceiling would limit the number of accountancy places to about 5000 next financial year. “Lowering this ceiling will not only ensure that the allocation of the program remains appropriate to Australia’s ... needs, but will safeguard other in-demand occupations ... from being crowded out from excessive *accountant applications,’’ she said. The government has backed the agency’s recommendation to keep dentists on the list and maintain the cap at 6 per cent, meaning up to 942 foreign dentists will be able to obtain permanent visas next financial year. About 15,700 dental practitioners are employed in Australia, with non-citizens making up 15.2 per cent compared with an 11 per cent average across all professional occupations. According to the agency, there has been a 41 per cent growth in dental employment over the past five years, with employment growth expected to rise 20 per cent over the next five years. But the number of graduates employed full-time has fallen 20 per cent over the past years, including a 6.1 per cent fall between 2012-13. => If you are an Accountant and want to migrate to Australia, I suggest you secure an expedited skills assessment, and ensure you are claiming all the points you reasonably can if you are not going for a State sponsored skilled visa. Best regards.
  9. 4 years today my family and I arrived in Adelaide, with 5,000 pounds no jobs, no car, no furniture, and a rental home for one month. 4 years later and now I live in large three bedroom home with a large swimming pool in the garden and only ten minutes walk to our local beach (Henley Beach). I have a lush new bright red convertible, so many amazing friends, who are more like my Aussie family. I enjoy a great social life, I play golf with the lads every Sunday and have sun tan for 7 months of the year. Been to Sydney, Gold Coast and also Bali. Nathan my Son has given us a gorgeous cute Grandson called Harlow-Blu Millar Smith and now lives in the Gold Coast. Shannon my daughter is settled with a good job, nice car and partying at the weekends. My daughter Charlotte is growing up fast and turning into one gorgeous lady and becoming more intelligent from school every day. My precious wife (Jane) is a Nurse at Calvary North Adelaide Hospital and the rock of this family, she is genuine, she cares for us all and she provides for us in all ways. My mother has visited us twice and Jane's cousin has been once and coming again this year. My family and I are looking forward to attending my sister's wedding in Burnley, Lancashire in June 2014 and most of all seeing my Dad. I followed my dream and all my dreams have come true. Australia has embraced me and I will becoming a Citizen of Australia. We have had some hard times, I have been laid off from 5 jobs and my 6th job (which I am now physically unable to perform), caused me a back injury, disc bulges and sciatica and I have had two epidurals so far. I have had surgery on both shoulders and Jane has been diagnosed with a potential serious health problem. Three years ago I was constant fighting with my two oldest children because they wanted to go back to the UK, but I just about managed for them both to agree to stay in Australia for another year till we gained permanent residency. Two years in and they loved living in Australia. I am currently recovering from back injury and not earned any money since September 2013. I am constantly looking for work. But I still believe that I am living the Aussie dream.................
  10. Hi everyone For my SACE Stage 2 Research Project i am researching the reasons why people emigrate from the UK to Australia, having moved from the UK to Australia a year ago today, this is an area of interest to me! I need to collect a whole heap of primary research and it would really help me out if you guys on here could complete my survey... it should only take a max. 2 minutes of your time! It's just basic multiple choice questions for the reasons you moved to Australia please please pleaseeee help a girl out the link to the survey is below, thank you so much! http://freeonlinesurveys.com/s.asp?sid=82zvh66t8hucd29203642
  11. 2014 Australia Day Bush Fair Sunday 26 January, 5.30–9.30pm South Adelaide Football Club oval Lovelock Dr, Noarlunga Downs Celebrate the bush to the beach at the very popular City of Onkaparinga Australia Day Bush Fair. Families will love the Bush Fair with a gold coin entry for all free activities and entertainment. Claim your spot on the oval, set up a picnic and be entertained with some fabulous bands; Oz Rock Live and The Amazing Drumming Monkeys and special guest MC Triple M’s Cosi. Explore a variety of stalls offering local food, refreshments, wares and novelties available for purchase. There will be Aussie experiences for everyone including camel and pony rides, rock climbing, sandcastles, Splodge giant games, native animals, the GymBus, face painting, mini train rides and more! Then get ready for a spectacular finale with our 3D fireworks display* synchronised to music. * In the case of extreme weather conditions (or other safety concerns) the fireworks display may be cancelled. Updates will be provided via our social media pages.
  12. Hi guys, I could really use your help, im doing my year 12 SACE research project on why people move from the UK to Australia and i need to collect a heap of research, if you have a spare two minutes could you please complete this survey for me? It's just the basic reasons to why you in particular wanted to make the move with your families... pleaseee do it, will only take a max. 2 minutes of your time and will help me out a great deal please please pleaseeee help a girl out the link to the survey is below, thank you so much! http://freeonlinesurveys.com/s.asp?s...t8hucd29203642
  13. Hi everyone For my SACE Stage 2 Research Project i am researching the reasons why people emigrate from the UK to Australia, having moved from the UK to Australia a year ago today, this is an area of interest to me! I need to collect a whole heap of primary research and it would really help me out if you guys on here could complete my survey... it should only take a max. 2 minutes of your time! It's just basic multiple choice questions for the reasons you moved to Australia please please pleaseeee help a girl out the link to the survey is below, thank you so much! http://freeonlinesurveys.com/s.asp?s...t8hucd29203642
  14. Hello All, I am going to Australia next week to validate my PR. I have the visa label on my passport but is there anything else I need to be carrying with me (I will be carrying my grant letter too)? How long does the immigration take once I land in Australia? Please let me know. Thanks.
  15. Hey ladies and lasses, I hope you're all well. It's been ages since I've been on here, apologies for my absence! I've been busy blogging and trying to figure out how to improve my website (I am definitely not tech savvy, so it's taken a while). Anyway, for those that are interested in what day-to-day life is like here in Oz, then you can check out my blog. I've been here a whole year now and so, if you want to find out everything from the start then use this link as it gives all the posts from January 2011 http://kacymru.wordpress.com/2011/01/ (start reading from the bottom upwards). Most of it is mundane stuff, like going shopping, and the differences I have noticed between here and the UK, there's also plenty of pictures up there too. During my 12 months here I've lived in Adelaide and Whyalla, I've travelled to Darwin, Port Douglas and Melbourne, plus a few places inbetween and I've also tried a whole host of different things including sea kayaking, hotair ballooning, sailing (on a catamaran) and plenty more adventures. If you're thinking of coming over for just a year (like I originially did on a working holiday visa), or if you're thinking of migrating then check out the blog, it's got plenty of info about stuff to do with kids on there, since I am lucky enough to have my brother, his wife and their two kids (aged 2 and 7) over here. Feel free to leave comments, give feedback or ask questions either on here, or preferably on one of the mediums below.. www.kacymru.wordpress.com Twitter: kacymru Thanks for taking the time to read :-) Karen
  16. Kacymru

    Blog about Oz

    For those of you that might be interested I've been writing a blog about coming to Oz, there are a few pictures and videos on there...feel free to have a nosey...kacymru

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