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Found 3 results

  1. Hello all, I've been scouring carsales.com.au and drive.com.au for well over 6 months now to get an idea of the car market down under, I have seen that used cars in Victoria are consistently cheaper than in SA, the price difference on the particular model i'm looking at is about 3-4K. I think because its a supply and demand thing. So my question is, is it advisable for me to buy a car Melbourne and drive it over Adelaide? If so what is the procedure for registration and stamp duty etc? While googling the subject I found this, So if you are buying from Vic, but don't have a Vic address you can 1. ask the seller if they will let you drive the car back to SA and then cancel the rego and re-register in your name, pay stamp duty in SA (assuming it is already registered). 2. transport the unregistered car back to SA and arrange a RWC and register it in SA, pay stamp duty in SA. 3. obtain a unregistered vehicle permit in Vic, drive the unregistered car back to SA and arrange RWC, pay stamp duty and reg in SA. As far as I know, you won't have the option of transfering into your name in Vic. Also, there is no such thing as an actual 'transfer' of registration between states.. it is always a case of – cancel rego in old state – re-register in new state. Thanks in advance
  2. After spending $30,000 on a mercedes van for work, it's since been stalling, running rough, oil leak, suspension issues, warning lights coming on, and that's just for starters! Ive now owned it for 2 months and its like talking to a brick wall dealing with their service department. The manager is a rude, know it all jobs worth. The don't reply or acknowledge emails or care how long I'm off the road, being self employed that's GREAT! for an raa approved repairer, they are not giving theirselves a good reputation when I've got to pay $400 for an actual raa inspection to pick up on all the issues they have missed (or just don't care about). Then I've got to pay another $120 to the raa for a follow up inspection to make sure they have done the job properly?? Hang on a minute. Also when informed about the van cutting out at major intersections they put it on their computer but said no problems and gave it back. I then took it to mercedes for a second opinion and was informed there was a whole range of faults to be looked at, which they did at $222.00, to which the manager said they would certainly not pay for that! All this is within the 3 month warranty period, a joke that is. At at this moment in time I am expecting to be picking the van up today as they have supposedly done some of the bits on it but I'm really not confident it would have even been in on the pit. Another 4 days no transport and taxis, late starts and early finishes to drop off and pick up. all I want is a reliable motor and I'm telling you now I'm over it. Frustrated ain't the word! Anyone else had had a drama with these cowboys?? Dano **Moderator's Note: Please do not name and shame on the open forum - anyone wanting to know the name of the dealers, please contact the OP via PM**
  3. Boxertony

    When to sell our home?

    Members I just want to some opinions about when is the best time to sell my home. I have gained state sponsorship (475 subclass). We lodged our main visa application last month and planning to conduct our medicals and police clearance sometime in the near future. With the Housing crisis at the moment, do you think its worth putting it up for sale right now, because the likelihood of it selling is minium. All our capital is in this home, which is roughly £15k if we get the asking price, which is very doubtful. We got our home valued and the agent asked us to knock off £15k, which means we will gain nothing, in-fact lose out because of the estate agent costs etc. I just thought of decorating our home now, putting up for sale at the original asking price and even throwing in all our furniture for an extra incentive to the potential buyers. My biggest worry is that we gain our Visa and just cannot go because we cannot sell our home. If we sell our house first (ummm no bloody chance), then we will just rent property here in Newcastle upon Tyne till the Visa arrives. Furthermore has anyone got knowledge about the option of putting our home up for auction. How do we go about it? How much will it cost? Do you tend to get a better price for your property? Finally a crazy offer for anyone out there. Anyone would like to purchase a large 3 bedroom ex council house, with or without all amenties. Set on a lovely estate in Cramlington, South Northumberland, Cramlington is the second newest town in Britain and was built in 1965. 4 miles from the beach and 10 miles to the centre of Newcastle upon Tyne.

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