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Found 12 results

  1. Hi Guys, I'm starting a new thread for Australia citizenship. We can discuss here about 1. The new rules (4 years and 8 years of wait time since PR) due on July 1st 2018 2. Processing time 3. Citizenship Test 4. Documents, etc You can add more list if anything comes in your mind regarding Australian Citizenship
  2. Hi All in adelaide, could you please advise if anyone who applied for citizenship after July 2020 and have received citizenship test invite? many Thanks
  3. Created for new pr grants to help each other out with their questions and preparation for citizenship journey
  4. SonicBlue82

    Citizenship 2015/2016

    Hi Guys, Not sure if there's already an existing citizenship 2015/2016 thread, so apologies if there is! I applied for my citizenship by conferral on 1 September online through ImmiAccount. I attached all required documents at the time, and immediately received an acknowledgement letter for my application. I believe the next step is for the department to contact me to let me know when to go to the immigration office to sit the test and provide the original documents. From what I've read on other forums, this usually occurs not long after the application has been lodged. I still haven't received an e-mail from the department though and it has been a week. Is there anyone who has applied for citizenship earlier this year that can provide some insight as to how long is usually takes for them to book me in for the citizenship test? Cheers
  5. Hello, I'll be applying for my citizenship in September once I'm eligible and I'm just curious if anyone on here has recently applied or gotten their citizenship and could advise on how long it took? My local council is the Unley City Council... it looks like they normally only have 2 citizenship ceremonies per year... Citizenship Day (17 September) and Australia Day. I'm guessing if I were to apply on 1 September I wouldn't make the September ceremony and would have to wait till Australia Day. Anyway if anyone has any experiences they would like to share that would be great
  6. Guys, get ready for a long post regarding a popular issue. Looks like SA is desperate to increase migrants disregarding the fact that jobs are very limited. From my observation I can see so many posts in blogs and discussion forums titled " Can I move interstate as I can’t find my job here in SA" or something like that. This has become a very serious issue recently. Neither DIAC nor SA department is clearly advising on the issue. I have two dimensions to discuss the issue: A. What DIBP and SA officially say about the issue? B. What are the consequences of moving other states before allowed time? A) Statement of DIBP and SA: DIBP says "There could have been some residential conditions that were specified by the relevant state or territory government in your nomination. Contact the state or territory government for more information"- Okay! Clear enough? My question: Why DIBP is not telling “You ‘have to’ follow state requirement as they have sponsored you to get this visa”. This would have cleared confusion form their end at least. Now let us see what SA says- “12.2 Applicants must demonstrate a genuine interest in South Australia and a commitment to live and work in the state for at least two years by: Undertaking first-hand, thorough and meaningful research on South Australia. Providing your reasons for your interest in immigrating to South Australia in the on-line application 12.2.2 Undertaking relevant research on job opportunities and any licensing/registration requirements…..“ When it comes to ‘demonstrate interest’, I think most people will just do that anyway! Also so many people don’t get the real picture until they land on SA. I know many have applied despite knowing the fact of ‘job scarcity’ just to secure the visa. After all it’s PR!!! My question: Why SA is not telling” You must have to stay at least 2 years as per your declaration to fulfill sponsorship criteria. B) Consequence of moving other states and impact on Citizenship Application: On the ground of above issue, there is nothing we find from DIBP or State about the consequences on applying for citizenship. This should be clarified by both the authority with possible outcomes against varying situations. Hope some expert would shed some light on this. Regards Ehsan
  7. So we have a SA SS Subclass 190 and now we intend to move to Adelaide soon. God forbid, we don't get the kind of jobs we are looking for(especially DH who is the primary applicant and by far we haven't seen much positive written/advertised about his field of work-facilities management), I understand that we can appeal and take a waiver from SA and move elsewhere if a job offer is on hand. If we take this path and move ahead elsewhere, how does it(and does it at all) affect Citizenship prospects in the future? I have read very mixed opinions on other forums outside of PIA and would really appreciate someone with absolute knowledge about this responding to my query.
  8. Hi all I've tried to find an answer to this question on the forum but I'm yet to find someone who has been in the SAME situation. So this question is posed to anyone who has: A) worked outside of their nominated state (on a 176 visa) and B) received their citizenship. But if you have some knowledge outside of that, I'm all ears I'm in the situation where I'm battling to find work in my nominated state. I have been offered a very good job by a state outside of my nomination. The company has offered some support though, and I will be able to work from home (in my nominated state) and they will even register an office in my state (so I can also get paid from my state). The job will require me to fly to other states for work (1 week away, 2 weeks back home), but most of the time I will be working from home. I've emailed my state for advice and they gave me a vague answer; they didn't decline the request, but they don't seem to happy with it either. I know they legally can't stop me BUT I am looking to get citizenship. Will this come back to haunt me (I've only been here 3 weeks)? Or is their no repercussion? OR is what I'm doing perfectly legit? Ideally I'm looking for people who have had this same problem and have had a solid answer. I think because of the grey area I am never going to get a solid answer from state websites. Hope this post can help others too. PS: Australia is AWESOME! Love it here so far!
  9. I am a permanent resident on visa 175. After almost 2 years in AU I left Adelaide this winter with my family because I got a very good 18 months IT contract in Poland. The problem now is that I've just realised I will be away from AU for more than 12 months and this will affect my citizenship waiting period. In order to apply for the citizenship, you must not have been absent from Australia for more than 1 year during the 4 year period, including no more than 90 days in the year immediately before applying. It seems that the only option I have is to come back to AU before 12 months period to meet the requirement but to leave my family behind for 6 months (!) My question: does this really mean that when I return to AU after more than 12 months absence my 4 years 'citizenship' clock will start over again? Looks like yes. Maybe at least there is some way to 'apply' for a special consideration? Or, if I come back to AU alone earlier, will my family at least get 'my citizenship waiting period' even if they stayed outside AU for more than 12 months? Have you got any experience in this area? To me it looks like I will have to let the clock to be reset . Tough!
  10. Hi there...I'm new to the site and any help i get would be much appreciated.. overview.. came to Aus (Adelaide) in 2007 to study hospitality (degree)..finished my degree successfully in 3rd quarter of 2010 and got straight into a full time, salaried position which was then a requirement for the TR - graduate skilled visa..i was suggested to get started on my PR application as soon as I got my TR as it is a LONG process.. I applied for Vetassess skilled assessment which resulted in Negative (shcoked! as my qualification was in the same field restaurants and catering & was approved ..but I did not fulfill some requirement so it got rejected...) as per the immigration office my only route to PR is getting an employee to sponsor me (which my employer will do - not happily though as he does not want to give any government agency his business activity statements etc. for some reason ) After that long story my main question is having been here since 2007 how soon can i apply for a citizenship after my employer sponsors me (visa 857)..and is the 857 a permanent residency or does it come with an expiry date as well? Like I said I have been drawing inconclusive, unlinked answers all over the place so any help would be greatly appreciated..!! Thanks in advance.
  11. Hi lovely guys and ladies, I am very curious to know about the min eligibility time for applying for oz citizenship as I heard that if a PR holder lives in oz for min 1 yr, then he/she can apply for citizenship. Is it true? I thought it has to be at least 4 years. Any idea?
  12. I know it seems there's always one more visa and one more step ... Now that I'm permanent I see myself settling down and living in Oz forever but would like to go overseas for a few years if the opportunity came up.How long till you can get citizenship? If I live before getting it, is there a period that your status changes? As in, I think the checks that they do are different and more strict if you leave the country ... Could be wrong?!Just wondering if someone knows before I commit myself to queue at immigration for an hour ;o)Thanks in advance

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