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Found 4 results

  1. Don't know where Adelaide sits, it wasn't mentioned, so presumably lower than the cities that were mentioned. http://thenewdaily.com.au/money/2014/03/05/everything-australia-expensive/
  2. [h=3]From New Daily, Monday 20th Jan 2014, * Calculations were made using the costs estimated by the South Australian government. Aircon A ducted evaporative air conditioning system running for an average size house, running 18 hours a day over five days, would add about $48 to the next power bill.* A split refrigerative system in a room up to 36 square metres could add an extra $42 to your next power bill, while a ducted refrigerative system cooling an entire house over five days could add as much as $225 to an electricity bill. By contrast, running a ceiling fan for 24 hours a day over five days would add less than $4 to your next bill.[/h]Water Vast amounts of water were also guzzled in the heat, with water consumption per Melburnian up by 70 per cent in the past week, according to the Water Services Association of Australia (WSAA). By contrast, Adelaide’s average water consumption so far this month has been modest, only increasing an average of 53 megalitres per day in comparison to past years, which executive director of WSAA Adam Lovell attributed to “permanent water wise rules”. Given the anticipated electricity bill pain, consumers will be thankful to hear that water bills are unlikely to see a similar spike. This is because prices are low and usually over half of the cost per household is fixed regardless of use. “Around Australia the price of water is around $2 to $4 for a thousand litres. This means that even significantly higher use during the heatwave is unlikely to materially affect a family’s annual water bill,” said Mr Lovell. Icecream (the important stuff) “For ice-cream manufacturers it is not helpful as sales have dropped,” said Ms Barelds. “Ideal temperatures for them are in the low 30s.”
  3. soo_the_panda

    Cost of groceries: Aus vs UK

    So I have spent the last ten minutes doing possibly the most loser-ish thing I have done in a long time and felt the need to share. After keeping my grocery receipts from my weekly shop yesterday, I did a comparison shop on tesco.com... now I must add I wouldn't have often shopped in Tesco in the UK, nor do I often to the majority of my groceries in Woolworths here (most often the majority of fresh food is from Wayville Farmers Markets or the Central Markets). When family/friends come over from the UK they often comment that groceries cost a lot more here... I often agree especially for things like toiletries, cat food etc.. but then in my opinion fresh meat, fish, fruit and veggies are often more reasonable here (and better quality IMO). So - for a typical-ish week's shop for two of us (plus kitten!) we spent $112 in Woolworths Glenelg... this on tesco.com would have cost 62 pounds... so $92 with today's exchange rate. Interested to hear anyone else's opinions of comparative cost of living re groceries etc...
  4. Hi everyone We're looking to move to Adelaide early next year and are quite interested in Seaford. We'd be grateful if anyone had information on cost of living (i.e. utilities) for a 3 bedroom house for an average family of 4. Thanks Mike and Becky

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