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Found 7 results

  1. Hi Ladies and Gents, A few of us are going out this weekend - you're very welcome to join us, here's where we are going: Saturday 3rd May - 8pm onwards Sweet Streets - a pop event held in Leigh St and Peel St in the CBD - here's the website: http://www.tastingaustralia.com.au/sweet-streets.htm Sunday 4th May - 11am-5pm Tasting at the Bay, Partridge House, Glenelg, here's the website: https://www.facebook.com/events/1481165692096450/ Both events are free to attend. You just pay for any food/ drink you buy. Let us know if you fancy either Karen
  2. Hey guys, Sorry for the short notice, however a few of us are heading over to Fork On The Road (FOTR) tonight at 7ish for some food, drinks and a good laugh - please feel free to join us - anyone welcome, young/ old/ male/ female/ hemaphradite/ a-sexual...etc etc. Be great to meet some new (and not so new) people. Just PM me for contact details. Cheers! Karen PS Websites for the event are here if you want to know more: http://forkontheroad.com.au/discoforkapril4/
  3. Hi all Not used the forum in a while but looking to meet new peeps. I'm 36 & work full time, no kids (apart from the dog). Have an Aussie partner who is lovely but need to get away from his friend circle sometimes and do my own thing! Been in Adelaide a few years, Love the place!! Live near Seacliff where I love to walk my dog on the beach of course! (as well as stop at the hotel for a cheeky pint!!). Hoping to meet other lovely ladies in similar situation - Let me know if you fancy a meet up and a few drinkies Sam
  4. As started by Pablo on PIO ( PIO - Original Thread ) thought it'd be a good one to have on here to! A thread to suggest places to eat/ drink/ socialise/ live music/ good ol' proper pubs... whatever you fancy! Might be good for newbies to find somewhere try or for those who've been in Adelaide for a while to try something new! I'll get it started: Duke of York, Currie St - cheap beer, great atmosphere for after work drinkies and really good and cheap food (3 dollar pizza if memory serves!) Ying Chow, Gouger St - brilliant chinese restaurant - bring a group, order loads and share! The Archer, O'Connell St (North Adelaide) - best beers, excellent cocktails upstairs The Daniel O'Connell, Tynte St (North Adelaide) - best thursday night pub quiz, proper pints of guinness! Griffin's Head, Grenfell St - excellent pub lunch Coopers Alehouse @ The Earl, Pulteney Street - the BIGGEST parmi u will ever see and attempt to conqueor Botanic Bar, North Terrace - fancy cocktail kinda place, best g+t... PJ O'Briens, East Terrace - good ol' irish bar, mind out for the sticky floors! Belgian Beer Cafe, Ebenezer Place - does exactly what it says on the tin - quite pricey and always busy so go early and leave before you empty your wallet! Exeter, Rundle St - good for after work drinks, good music! Goodlife Organic Pizza, Glenelg - AMAZING! Russel's, Willunga - the most amazing pizzas, book WELL in advance and bring an esky with your favourite tipple, enjoy the pizza in the big ol' shed or on a blanket in the garden or in the house if you're very lucky! Worlds End Hotel, Hindley St - great young crowd, awesome beer garden and always a wonky pool table available to while away an evening!
  5. To All, It's that time again for another BBQ/party at ours. Our previous one we had for my wife, Jane's 40th birthday BBQ at the end of January 2011 was a really good celebration, with over 63 people turning up - a great turn out. This time it is my daughter's 18th Birthday celebrations. Same guidelines as last time. Therefore I would like very much for all younger adults (male and female) to come and celebrate my daughter 'Shannon' birthday on the Saturday 16th April 2011. This will help you sociaslise with people of your own age and meet new friends. I am suggesting that we commence around (5.00 p.m.) at our home in Ferryden Park (North West), which is 9km from the CBD, near Woodville, Kilkenny, Athol Park, Angle Park and Croydon. This will help people to chat/socialise and a have drink, I will even put some BBQ food on. In addition we have Mam's and Dad's who are welcome as well. I would like all newcomers to join in, nice way to meet people who have been through the same experiences. I have found it hard to bring older teenagers/younger adults to Adelaide and for them to leave all their friends back in the UK, so come here and meet people your own age, who feel the same as you and have been or are going through the same as you. Every time we have a BBQ new people come and its great. Also I want the regulars to come along as well. If you would like to come, please can you inform me via this post or you can PM me if you require further details or you want me to keep you informed via telphone/text message, leave your details via PM. Each and everyone who states that they would like to come I will contact you via PM or telephone or text message with our address and which buses you can catch from the CBD. Bring your drink and nibbles remember and hopefully see you on Saturday 16th April 2011. Thanks and I hope to see you soon!!!! Tony __________________
  6. Hi, is anyone off to the Adelaide Sevens next weekend?... I'm going next Sunday for the finals and it'd be good to meet a few new people for a drink.
  7. Last night (Saturday 20th Feb) at approximately 01:20 am I was driving well within the speed limit of 60 KM. Police pulled me over and I wound my window down. The first thing to policeman said to me - can you get out of the car so I can breathalise you. Scared because so many different people told me various stories about the Police and what is the legal limit to drink alcohol, whilst driving. I had been to our first Ozzie BBQ that evening and I had only had two bottles of Lager, the most recent one only an hour before I was driving home. The Policeman asked me what I had drank and when was the last time I drank, which I mentioned about an hour ago. I took the test and passed what a relief. Then he tooked me to may car and pointed to my back number plate and stated that he could charge me with a $550 fine for inappropriate number plates, I was shocked nothing wrong with the number plates. The Policeman mentioned and showed me that the background of the number plate is flaking away and chipping away. Nothing wrong with the actual large black solid numbers, just the surrounding plate. He mentioned that I have to go to the driving licence place and ask and pay for a replacement number plate, which will take three weeks to arrive. This is weired I understand if the acutal plate numbers were falling off or unreadable, even if its covered in dirt and needs cleaning so the Police can read the number plate. But a bit of flaking is way over the top.

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