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Found 4 results

  1. For sale is my wifes 2004 Holden Barina in silver. 3 door XC in great condition with rego till 15/11/2013. Low Km's ( under 99,000) for year and cheap insurance. Perfect for a L or P plater. Looking for around $4750.00 but negotiable. Viewing after 5pm weekdays or weekends.
  2. Last night (Saturday 20th Feb) at approximately 01:20 am I was driving well within the speed limit of 60 KM. Police pulled me over and I wound my window down. The first thing to policeman said to me - can you get out of the car so I can breathalise you. Scared because so many different people told me various stories about the Police and what is the legal limit to drink alcohol, whilst driving. I had been to our first Ozzie BBQ that evening and I had only had two bottles of Lager, the most recent one only an hour before I was driving home. The Policeman asked me what I had drank and when was the last time I drank, which I mentioned about an hour ago. I took the test and passed what a relief. Then he tooked me to may car and pointed to my back number plate and stated that he could charge me with a $550 fine for inappropriate number plates, I was shocked nothing wrong with the number plates. The Policeman mentioned and showed me that the background of the number plate is flaking away and chipping away. Nothing wrong with the actual large black solid numbers, just the surrounding plate. He mentioned that I have to go to the driving licence place and ask and pay for a replacement number plate, which will take three weeks to arrive. This is weired I understand if the acutal plate numbers were falling off or unreadable, even if its covered in dirt and needs cleaning so the Police can read the number plate. But a bit of flaking is way over the top.
  3. candylis

    car wanted

    hi we are looking for a 4x4 or a ute in good condition. for work use. we would prefer it to be manual so when i learn to drive we can use it. we would prefer it to be affordable we have looked in papers and internet also that corner off the road cars are parked next to the fast food places if anyone knows of a car for sale please reply.
  4. candylis

    Drink Driving

    My dad recently told me about how it is not illegal to drink and drive in south australia (only place in auz and possible the world) aslong as your not over the limit(which is higher here than in the rest of auz). I was wondering if anyone new why this is allowed i mean its illegal to walk your dog and ride a bike at the same time but drink driving is fine?!!!!! Does anybody else have view on this? Alecia:confused:

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