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Found 10 results

  1. Hi all, do any of you electricians out there have the electrical regs/ GAP training books available to buy second hand, before I go and buy new ones. Cheers Sean.
  2. Guest


    Hi, I was wondering if anyone can help i am looking for someone to take me on under the apprenticeship scheme or are open to taking on a mature trainee, I am 35 years old and have 15 years experience as an electrician/ Telecom technician in the UK. I have just completed Cert II and III in Telecommunications and I'm looking to do a Electrical/Electronic Instrument Trades Worker (Special Class) UEE31211. I live in South Australia with my Australian partner and our two children. I am dedicated and hard working and willing to learn and study, if I could forward my CV/Resume to anyone for you to look at that would be fantastic and any help or advice you could give me would be gratefully appreciated Kind regards Andy
  3. Hi guys I arrived in Adelaide on the 1st may, with the missus and two kids. I'm a fully qualified sparks back on blighty been qualified for what seems a life time. I have enrolled to tafe to complete auz wiring regs which is understandable but the whole logbook onsite is bull**** and from what I'm hearing Aussie employers won't touch you. I don't know why a little gap training before applying for full licence seems reasonable but it seems like the Aussie contractors are not clued up to this. It's like hmmm restricted licence no sorry mate, it doesn't help that work is slow. But so was the recession in London and managed to ride through it. If any sparks can share there wisdom I would be in you're debt. Which probably be a pint of castlemaine or coopers!
  4. Hello, I will be arriving in adelaide next week on a 12 month working holiday visa. I could do with some help regarding applying for a liscence and possibly sponsership. Basically as far as i can work out, If i apply for an artc i can then apply to do the peer regs course. Which then entitles me to apply for a full liscence. Is this correct. Also if i just get an artc is this alone enough to apply for a sponsership visa? I have applied for sevral positions and have a couple of interviews lined up, Basically though i am here to have a look around and work to fund my stay but if the oppertunity arrises i would like to stay permenantly. Anyone have any ideas on how easy it is to achieve this from a working holiday visa. Thanks
  5. Is there anyone out there that can help me! I am a qualified electrician who is finding the RPL process incredibly difficult, nearly impossible no one seems to have a straight forward answer as what i have to do to obtain my license. I am a permanent resident on a partner visa (801) who happens to be a sparky and as a result didn't need to have my qualifications assessed to stay here. I have spoken to Vetassess and they cant help me as they only deal with migrant visa applicants, someone suggested the TRA but i have been told that they are closing down operations plus the cert from them is not recognised in other states and you have to be supervised for a year!( not really good for a prospective employer). If anyone can help or advise me it would be greatly apriciated!
  6. In the interests of giving the "Poms" a fair go, I have a need in late May early June for a UK or Aussie certified Electrician to assist in Solar Panel installation and general electrical work. As my parents immigrated in the "70's" and having some close mates that have come over in the last 2 years, I am conscious of how hard it can be to get a fair go. I am looking for a UK sparkie, who has a trade certification in the UK, but not yet applied for their A class electrical licence in Australia or an A class who wants some work. Job initially will be assisting solar panel installation around South Australia, around 1st fix roofing and 1st -2nd fix electrical working with a bunch of Poms and Aussie builders and tradies- so you must be technically minded, physically fit, etc, and able to work at heights. Depending on the person, I would be willing to assist in getting your Aussie trade certifcate, and also help with getting design and install certifications for Solar panel accreditation. Due to National Demand we may have the opportunity to work interstate, but I anticipate most of the work being Metropolitan Adelaide and Local country, being away from home a few days for the regional work, So it could be a great way to see the country. Initially either casual or contract and possibly leading to full time. Give Dave Wilson a call on 0419 264 183 if you feel this could be a job for you.
  7. Rob and Mel

    White card

    Just thought I would post something on here about the white card situation so others don't fall for the trap that I fell for. I did my white card online about a year ago after being told that all white cards are equal and will be accepted Oz wide no matter where issued. Well its turns out that this is a load of ****. Because one of the states will not come to the party the others have thrown there toys out of the pram so you have to have one issued in the state you wish to work. I know there has been a few conversations on here about the white card and how to get one. So the conclusion is, If you have a white card issued in another state with no picture on it its only fit for scraping ice off your windscreen. You will have to get a new one issued in SA with your picture on it. Sorry to bring you bad news but hope I can help someone with this info. Rob and Mel Ps..A white card is the safety card you need to work in construction of any sort.
  8. I am an electrician from the uk with over 12 years experience in commercial industrial and residential work. I have my restricted license but am waiting on TRA to get back to me so I can do my wiring rules. I am looking for work as an electrician, a ta or even a labourer if any one can help please let me know I am am here on a permanent residency visa also. Thank You
  9. I am emigrated here on 27/06/11 and was wondering if anyone could help me i am an electrician with 12 years experience in the uk looking for work in adelaide if anyone could help with either where to look or have any work available it would be much apreciated
  10. Hi all fairly new here- and just thought i would share where i am with the electrical peer course. If anyone has any info on the exam it would be great and if anyone needs any info on what i have already done i would be happy to share. I have got my visa and have gone the TRA route and have my ARTC I am now doing the distance learning course with PEER and will fly to Adelaide to sit the exam then transfer it to which ever state we settle in. At least this way i have half a chance of finding work from day one. A few questions- Can I take the wiring regs etc into the exam? Is it multiple choice? does anyone have an example of the questions? how long will i need in OZ (3 days jet lag, 2 days revision /exam and a couple of days to get the licence?)say 10 days to allow for weekends and fun? Do i need a H&S and first aid course to get the license? Anyone have a job for a good electricain with 15 years experience? Many Thanks to all that answer Graham

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